“Siri is Not Unique Name”,The Manufacturing Company LELO Claimed

"Siri is Not Unique Name

Most recently, Apple released its latest iPhone 4S, the principal innovation of which was the personal assistant Siri . Siri understand the context, allowing the user to speak naturally, asking questions, intelligently uses your personal information and helps to make calls, send text messages, emails, and much more. But it turned out that the name Siri is not unique , it belongs to manufacturing company LELO.

The company specializes in manufacturing LELO intimate products premium. After discovering that Apple has benefited from its trade name, the company published on its website an open and even ironic letter to the American manufacturer.


“Respected company AppleCongratulations with the new iPhone 4S! Siri, of course, very sonorous name. We’re glad that you liked it too. We are proud of not only the fact that the creation of the product you are inspired by our most powerful and innovative intimate massager, but the fact that in their advertising, you have voiced phrase, “to adopt the fine and carry it further” . It’s a real honor for us. Usually we send to the court for gadget makers who borrow our commercial names. But if the most successful company in the world named our product “awesome”, then, must admit, you have enough to amuse our self-esteem, so we closed our eyes. We would also like to commend you for what you have transferred the concept of “personal assistant” in the scope of technological innovation. While Siri from LELO meets the most personal and intimate human needs, Siri has learned from Apple to provide information on flights and counting calories. With these two Siri, a soon to be pushed back a live assistant, but millions of mediocrities will be unemployed. We already foresee what the future of the word «Siri» will mean the best of both worlds, which are our company: Apple is a business, LELO – a pleasure. If you agree, then we leave up messages and scheduling to you, and will continue to care for themselves how to relax after work. We wish you all the best and once again thank you, Apple, for approving nod in our direction. Sincerely, LELO “


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