Intel Prepares “Rival Siri” Without Cloud Connection

jarvis-intelJarvis Intel is working on a voice assistant that does not require a permanent internet connection for all your tasks. The project is strongly related to Quark’s initiative to make Intel processors aimed at small size wearables .

Siri and Google Call Now an unfulfilled promise perhaps exaggerating a bit, but what is certain is that they stay away from that geek futurism that would allow us to talk to our devices to David Hasselhoff

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Eddy Cue, The Trump Apple

After passage of the storm, we can begin to digest a little orgy of executive movements that Apple has been in the last month . The truth is that the cessation of Scott Forstall fulminant ahead of iOS has been the less shocking. Considering that is one of the most profitable divisions of Apple, and the numbers have not been bad, far from it.

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Google Challenge with Siri Voice Search on iOS

These are days of great news at Google . After having presented the smartphone Nexus 4, the Nexus tablet 10 and the new operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean , the Mountain View company sinks a new blow to rival Cupertino, launching on iPhone and iPad with an advanced version of your application. The most important is the integration of voice searches , with a technology that aims to enter into direct competition with Siri .

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"Siri" or "Spy" It Can leakout Your Informations

Siri, A new Guide to Becoming Great

"Siri" or "Spy" It Can leakout Your Informations

Apple has big ambitions for Siri . Born as an assistant voice, often more sympathetic than helpful, the service now intends to capitalize on its potential to offer users something more than work to date. After a period of implementation success, then, Apple has decided to change the operation guide putting Siri in the hands of someone who knows sviscerarne the best quality in the direction chosen by the group: research.

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Google Voice Search vs Siri – Experiments and Result (Video)

The ny Times has printed a writing this morning criticizing Siri’s performance as a private assistant.

Over time, things have extremely soured between Siri and me. we have a tendency to barely speak anymore. And, though she does not apprehend this, I’ve started seeing somebody else. Her name, though not as mysterious or attractive, is Google Voice Search.

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11 Essential Apps for iPhone With Jailbreak

jailbreakMany iPhone users believe that official applications are not enough which Apple offers through its App Store, and you are quite limited possibilities of customization of your devices.

I’ve been using jailbreak a few months and after trying several different apps and accessories I bring you a list of the most caught my attention lately:


Zephyr offers a new way of multitasking , and that through this add can change from application to application with a simple finger movement backward or forward without having to press the start button, as the bar navigation appears and disappears very easily. This allows us not having to avandonar the application where we are. Finally, in Cydia cost is $ 3.

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apple store

Apple Sued Due to a Broken Nose

apple store83-year-old New Yorker Evelyn Pesuoll requires Apple’s $ 1 million for the fact that she broke her nose after a collision with a glass door of the store of the company. The amount of the claim consists of 75,000 dollars in medical costs, and penalties. Despite the fact that last year Apple pasted white stickers on clear glass in all its stores to help prevent such collisions, the lawyers say is not sufficient.

Pesuoll claims that she did not understand

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iOS 5.1 is Available for Download

iOS 5.1 is Available for Download

iOS 5.1 is Available for DownloadThe new iPad would be nothing without its inseparable companion IOS, like any otherhardware is nothing without good software . Apple has been clear for a long time and so today with the third-generation iPad have also launched iOS 5.1 , which is already available for download via iDevices.

Specifically those who want to upgrade, should be directed to Settings> General> Software Update . After a few seconds on the same screen indicates that there is a new version of IOS and to download and install button.

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