Weldon! Android Dev Team:Siri Clone “iriS” Developed only in 8 Hours

Weldon- Android Dev Team-Siri Clone Developed only in 8 HoursAndroid dev team Dexetra has created a clone of Apple’s Siri voice recognition assistant, a significant feature of the new iPhone 4S.

If there is one factor that gets below the skin of Android fans quite something, it is Apple receiving glowing praise for one thing Android already will, or may simply do if anybody simply place their mind to it. to not be out-shined by the Siri voice recognition assistant, a significant selling purpose of the new iPhone 4S, one Android developer team took it upon themselves to form an Android different, and did thus in an exceedingly mere eight hours, simply to drive the purpose home.

The result’s iriS (“Siri” backwards), created by Android dev team Dexetra, that says it had been impressed by “the influx of tweets and posts on the Awesome Siri” that began flying round the internet by the truckload.

The Developers of iriS said:

When we started to see results, each of us became so excited that I started a race against time to write code. We added in a flash the Voice Input, Text-to-speech, and also a lot of humorous phrases in iriS. We decided the name “iriS.” Only in the late evening, or the Syrians on the contrary. And we also created the crazy acronym – Intelligent Rival imitator of the Syrians. We were having fun, but when we started using it seriously, the results were good, very good.

“Suddenly, I got the urge to try and do one thing similar for Android,” writes Dexetra on its blog.

Since we’ve been engaged on NLP (Natural Language Processing)  and Machine learning for over an year currently, I had a crazy belief that I may pull this off. Somehow I managed to write down a little engine that might answer your queries, digging the results from the online.

After solely eight hours, Dexetra had “created an honest layout and style,” and added voice input, text-to-speech and “a heap of heuristic humor.”

By Following a wave of positive feedback, Dexetra submitted Iris to the Android Market, where it’s currently obtainable for download.

Users ought to bear in mind that Iris remains greatly in alpha, and needs “Voice Search” and “TTS Library” to be put in on the handset for Iris to figure properly. And even then, it is still very little a small degree quirky.. of course for an app developed in thus little time, Iris doesn’t work nearly yet as Siri, that has draw praise across the board for its surprisingly solid functionality. Still, if Iris – or one thing find it irresistible – will rise to par with iPhone 4S-exclusive Siri, it’d take away one among the first reasons to buy the new Apple handset, that is quicker than the iPhone four, and has a formidable 8-megapixel camera, however is already being outdone by variety of Android devices with higher specs.

Download Iris from the Android Market here, and allow us to recognize what you think that within the comments.

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