The Official Portrait of the Duchess Catherine is Surprising.. 5

The Official Portrait of the Duchess Catherine is Surprising..

Official-Portrait-Duchess-Catherine-SurprisingThe National Portrait Gallery in London has its first official portrait of Prince William‘s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge.  British artist Paul Emsley, known because of  his photographic work, he is the winner of the 2007 BP portrait prize.

Catherine chose her first portrait artist, repeatedly posed and expressed to look natural and relaxed, as in life. After three months of operation, the artist presented a work to the pregnant Catherine, and she even was pleased with the result. However, British critics were surprised:

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World`s Most Expensive Sapphire Ring

most_expensive_diamond_ringsThis world`s most expensive sapphire ring created by the masters of Van Cleef & Arpels  . It was sold in almost a million pounds (over 979,000 pounds, to be exact) which is the highest price for any Sapphire ring  . At an auction in Hong Kong for a real fight broke out, and the final price is three times higher than the original. Happy buyer wished to remain anonymous.

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5 Cameras Suitable for Women 6

5 Cameras Suitable for Women

5 Cameras Suitable for Women 7

Although there are not inferior imaging needs from you wing mirrors, but a camera that actually fit girls not only brings good image quality.But it also must satisfy a number of other factors. This device should be compact in size and weight, beautiful design with a variety of colors to choose from. Revoseek  is  pleased to present a number of cameras offered by reputable manufacturers that will be very suitable for Ladies.

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flower arrangements

Enjoy Some Stunning Flower Arrangements

flower arrangementsFlower arrangements oh pretty,flower arrangements. Yep, we’re major fans around here, but we know too well just how time-comsuming finding the perfect florals can be.So, I’m coming to your rescue. To help you in your quest for the ideal flower arrangements . We brought for you some stunning flower arrangements. This parade of pretty flowers has a floral arrangements for every wedding style or any function. Enjoy!

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Dye your Hair Without Dye 10

Dye your Hair Without Dye

Get dreamy color alternative ways

Dye your Hair Without Dye 11

Whether you run out of money, or you want a more natural solution you can create exactly the hair color that dreamed in alternative ways.Suffice to choose the color you wish for the entire surface of your hair or even highlights, and other Asta on us ! We looked for ideas from you the palette of nature’s secrets grandmother, kitchen, or wherever we could … chothoume. 

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