YouTube secret key to more views

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.¬†Accordingly, it is important that you do not neglect the search engine optimization of your videos.¬†We’ll explain how you can use YouTube tags to draw more attention to your channel.


For more views on YouTube, it is important to make optimizations and to invest time in search engine optimization Рor SEO for short. The focus is on YouTube tags. These are phrases and words that describe and specify the respective video.

The goal should be to help people find the videos that most closely match their search intentions. Ideally, of course, these are your videos.

ouTube tags help the YouTube algorithm

So if you add the right tags and keywords to your videos, you increase the likelihood that your video will appear at the top of the results list for a particular search. This in turn increases the number of your YouTube views sustainably.

In addition, the tags provide the YouTube algorithm with useful information so that the platform crawler plays out the best video results for the searching user.

But how do you find the right tags and search terms for your content? To do this, you can first follow these four steps.

1. Determine your main keyword and set it as the first YouTube day

The Google subsidiary, with its own  official recommendation  , explains how you should use your tags so that they best describe your video. Your main and target keywords are a good place to start. It has significant positive impact on YouTube ranking.

2. Add relevant keywords with search volume

The video platform offers every user a total of 500 characters for tags. Pay attention not only to current relevance, but also to the thematic relationship to the video. Trendy search terms that do not reflect or describe the YouTube video are punished by the platform as spam.

In order to get the right keywords, you can get inspiration from videos and the associated keywords of other YouTubers. They reveal themselves with the help of the page source text.

Look for the word ‚Äú keyword ‚ÄĚ in the code. You will then receive a list of various phrases that can help you.

3. Use tools

Until 2014, YouTube offered its users their own tag generator. However, this mainly focused on placing suitable advertisements.

With so-called video tag tools such as  Ahref’s Keyword Explorer ,  or TagsYouTube,  you can  easily find the keywords that are relevant to you.

4. Use YouTube Analytics

In addition, you should use all the information that YouTube provides. For example, you can use your own analytics data to find out which keywords your video visitors searched for.

So you have wonderful starting points for further identifying relevant keywords.

4 tips for a successful YouTube ranking

1. Don’t do keyword stuffing

Even if you have 500 free characters, you shouldn’t populate them with nonsense or irrelevant keywords. Instead, concentrate on 200 to 300 characters that you use sensibly and on a maximum of 40 tags.

2. Do not include misleading tags

These violate YouTube’s spam policy . This can ultimately result in your video being removed. Therefore, pay attention to relevance – and common sense.

3. Be honest and user friendly

Also check whether the tags really reflect the content of your video and whether users provide advance information on what to expect.

4. Rewrite the main keyword

Search for more terms and synonyms for the video. It would be ideal if these keywords consist of two to a maximum of four words. It also makes sense to consider long tail keywords as a possible day and keep them in mind.

If the subject of your video looks different in the written than in the spoken, it also makes sense to add this form of synonyms.¬†For example, when it comes to the “TV Now” app, you can also add “TV Nau” as a keyword.¬†After all, there are still a lot of users who don’t speak English and want to watch YouTube.


YouTube is now able to determine what is spoken in a video without having to use tags. However, the tags help you to narrow the thematic relation to the topic and to answer general questions or keywords from the autocomplete search.

Rocket science is not¬†YouTube SEO¬†and recognizing relevant keywords.¬†Also, you shouldn’t waste too much time doing this.¬†Also pay attention to the optimization of keywords in the video title, in the video description and in the thumbnail.

Tags are one of several factors to successfully rank your videos on YouTube and thereby generate more views and views.


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