Microsoft Should Buy Facebook, Why? 2

Microsoft Should Buy Facebook, Why?

microsoft-facebookDue to the following reasons Microsoft should buy Facebook:-

1. The size is obvious

Perhaps the best reason for Microsoft to acquire Facebook is that the social network is the world’s top destination in the world. It has more than 500 million active users who share over 30 billion pieces of content every single month. It’s huge and it’s growing. It would only make sense for Microsoft to want to capitalize on that growth and find a way to generate serious revenue off of it. 

2. They’re already working closely 

Microsoft is already working its way into Facebook. Bing is a key partner with Facebook, powering the company’s Web results in its Search. The social network also announced Oct. 13 that when folks search for content on Bing (or Facebook’s Search), they will see their friends’ “faces next to Web pages they’ve liked.” It’s an interesting implementation. And it makes it all the more reason for Microsoft to get its hands on Facebook.

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Microsoft Announces Launch of Windows 8.1 Free this Year 3

Microsoft Announces Launch of Windows 8.1 Free this Year

Windows-Blue-seria-el-proximo-WindowsFinally, after countless rumors and leaks, the giant city of Redmond, Microsoft , has been presented the opportunity to confirm the launch of Windows Blue, although the first major upgrade to Windows 8 will not come with that name; rather with the title of Windows 8.1 .

Best of all is that Tami Reller, Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft, says that this update will be available for free for all users of Windows PCs or tablets with Windows 8 or RT, incorporating great new features.

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Microsoft Began Selling a New Package of Office 2013 6

Microsoft Began Selling a New Package of Office 2013

Microsoft-Began-Selling-New-Package-Office-2013On Tuesday,  Microsoft Corporation begins worldwide sales to consumers of a new version of one of its main products – office suite Office 2013.

Program of the new Office received a number of improvements, including better support for data storage in the “cloud” and touch screen. In addition, with the release of new products Microsoft is trying to change the model of selling the package to users – from the implementation of the “lifetime” license for the product to go mainly to the subscription model. Distributed by subscription product called differently – Office 365, although functionally it includes the same set on the local computer applications.

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9 Year Old Boy is the New Microsoft Technical Specialist 7

9 Year Old Boy is the New Microsoft Technical Specialist

9-Year-Old-Boy-is-the-New-Microsoft-Technical-SpecialistBoys are increasingly early take technology into the blood, although some are way ahead of their peers. That is the case of a small American, who just passed the exam of Microsoft which requires its experts.

Pranav Kalyan of nine years , managed to pass the tests and become Certified Technology Specialist of Microsoft, the youngest Microsoft technical specialist in the history of the company.

The small boy, had to demonstrate his knowledge in various areas of programming and, despite being in fourth grade, is eligible to work in the software giant.

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Microsoft Described the Metro IE10 for Windows 8

6 Hidden Features in Windows 8 that you Can Not Miss

Windows 8 will speak very much of your time to learn it and make you become a professional user, because in addition to the application works just like Windows 7, Windows 8 delivers many new shortcuts, Car options and tips built into the operating system.Here would be a few hidden features in Windows 8 that you can not miss if you want to become a smart user.

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Jailbreak for Windows 8 RT


A developer using the alias “clrokr” has found a way i.e. a security mechanism of Windows RT – to trick the code integrity check – the version of Windows 8 for tablets with ARM processor. This way should be let on the Surface Tablet and other devices running Windows RT start and unsigned desktop applications.

The developer writes to the breakthrough of the thoroughness with which its operating system Microsoft has ported to the ARM platform. Functional Windows RT has been implemented so clean that in the depths of the kernel the same byte can lay down the minimum level for the code signing as with the desktop version.Windows Time determined based on the quality of this byte signature. 0th unsigned applications received the lowest rating Microsoft signatures are classified with 8, Windows components are located on level 12.

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