10 Tips to Improve your Facebook Page


We show how to improve your Facebook page through a series of simple tips to implement to increase reach and engagement. From the definition of the target audience or to the development of a communication strategy and content, will help whether you’re a beginner or already take several years in the business of social networks.

Some years ago, in the business of Social Media Marketing one of the justifications that had to wield more to convince a customer was the need to have a page or brand fanpage on Facebook. But fortunately,

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Microsoft Should Buy Facebook, Why?

microsoft-facebookDue to the following reasons Microsoft should buy Facebook:-

1. The size is obvious

Perhaps the best reason for Microsoft to acquire Facebook is that the social network is the world’s top destination in the world. It has more than 500 million active users who share over 30 billion pieces of content every single month. It’s huge and it’s growing. It would only make sense for Microsoft to want to capitalize on that growth and find a way to generate serious revenue off of it. 

2. They’re already working closely 

Microsoft is already working its way into Facebook. Bing is a key partner with Facebook, powering the company’s Web results in its Search. The social network also announced Oct. 13 that when folks search for content on Bing (or Facebook’s Search), they will see their friends’ “faces next to Web pages they’ve liked.” It’s an interesting implementation. And it makes it all the more reason for Microsoft to get its hands on Facebook.

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“Worms” Highly Anticipated Game Arrived on Facebook!

worms_facebook The highly anticipated game Worms is officially available from  today on Facebook to donate your endless hours of fun with your friends.

The player can customize their worms team and the island-battlefield, choose her weapons of choice (bazooka, banana, etc.) and cause his friends to duels till you drop. The paichidi includes weekly challenges, achievements and scoreboards, and special weapons and equipment available for payment.

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Mark Zuckerberg is No More in


Mark Zuckerberg has born out of the highest Ten Most Powerful folks within the World when the botched securities market floatation of Facebook.

But  Now …

Mark Zuckerberg is No More in the  list of TOP 10 Word Most Powerful People”.

The founding father of the social network fell from ninth to twenty-fifth place within the Forbes rankings when what the magazine referred to as a ‘debacle’ of a launch.

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“Defriendtion” App to Let your Annoying Facebook Friends Grounded

Defriendtion-App-facebookDefriendtion , The application for leave to serve punishment for those friends who post thousands of pictures of food, update the status every 5 minutes, use hashtags unnecessarily, just post quotes and so on. The creators explain that the ‘Defriendtion’ is a kind of dislike , since Facebook has not invented this button.

All you need to do is fill out a short form explaining what is the reason for their discontent and how long your friend will be grounded. 

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