What are the Most Common Applications-Scams on Facebook

Most-Common-Applications-Scams-FacebookThere are few times when cunning attempt to exploit the popularity of Facebook and the naivety of certain users through applications-scams designed to steal data and infecting the computers with viruses.

Let us see what are the most common of these should be avoided at all costs:

 1. Change Your Facebook ColourMost-Common-Applications-Scams-Facebook

This particular scam has met pretty much everyone. Presented as an application coming to dispense with the boring blue theme of Facebook, but actually designed to steal your personal data. In fact, once you fall into the trap application postage above picture to your Timeline tags with dozens of friends in order to attract even more potential victims.

2. Who sees your profileMost-Common-Applications-Scams-Facebook

This scam takes advantage of the curiosity of some users over who sees their profiles on Facebook. However, just as above, not only holds promise but tries to access user data with the aim of stealing money. This category includes many variations such as ‘Who Saw your Profile’, ‘Timeline Viewers’, ‘Profile View’ etc.

3. Facebook CreditsMost-Common-Applications-Scams-Facebook

To this scam promises that gives the user free Facebook Credits and is usually accompanied by the following text:

Get your FREE 5000 FACEBOOK CREDITS! NO SCAM NO surveys NO waste of time no task it’s totally FREE! this promo is available for the first 1000 persons only … CHECK IT OUT ENJOY … I got mine and it works get yours here .

Of course none is true in these applications these are only scam applications.


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