Top 10 Google free services – We are enjoying

Google’s product portfolio is extremely lavish. We often use applications while asleep, so we don’t know whose software we’re using. That’s why we present the top 10 Google free services.

Top 10 Google free services - We are enjoying 1

The universe of Alphabet subsidiary Google is huge. Many practical Google free services accompany us through everyday life and are not only attractive for private users, but now also for more and more companies.

The reasons for this are obvious. In many cases, the apps and web applications are very resource-saving. They are also decorated in a minimalist style. This, in turn, is extremely practical in everyday life.

Google Features: These are the top 10 Google free services

Since Google always works on its own features and regularly introduces new tools, it is not always easy to keep track. That’s why we want to introduce you today to the ten most important and also free offers from Google.

1. The search engine

First of all, for many users Google is primarily a search engine. According to statistics from Statista, more than 87 percent used useful searches in the global desktop search engine market in May 2020.

Google Search

2. Google Drive

Simply storing files online brings many advantages. The most obvious thing: Documents or photos are available at any time and anywhere. Google offers a few gigabytes for free with Google Drive. But please note: Individual Google services share the storage space.

Google Drive

3. Google Docs and Tables

Is the Microsoft package too expensive for you? With Google Docs and Google Sheets, you can quickly get your office and word processing software on your computer without any installation. Presentations can also be created with Google Slides.

Google Docs

4. Google Notes

With Google Notes, you can quickly and conveniently write down your thoughts and memories. In addition to text-based notes, you can also practice ink drawings. Really good: Each note can be added to a different background color and also embed images. It is is also one of google free services.

Google Notes

5. Google Photos

With Google Photos, you have a photo service on hand that allows you to capture an infinite number of shots for all time. However, there is a catch: Google compresses the uploaded images and videos. If you don’t want to, your snapshots will strain your free storage.

Google Photo

6. Google Maps

With the map in hand on the way through the whole country: these times are fortunately over. Google Maps recommends options for your route. Simply select the type of travel and movement – car, public transport, on foot, bicycle or plane – and Google will show you the way. It is is also one of google free services.

Google Maps

7. Google Translator

The Google Translator not only makes it easy to exchange in foreign countries. It also helps with the translation of entire websites or texts. The tool also translates tables and presentations. For this purpose, Google uses neural networks as well as artificial intelligence (AI).

Google Translator

8. Gmail is an important member of google free services

Google’s Gmail email service also has an excellent reputation. Very useful are the options of extensible mail addresses.


9. Calendar is also part of google free services.

Important appointments and tasks can be easily entered in the Google Calendar. So there is no need for paper economy. Because of the cloud feature, users can also access it on the go. Other apps and apps can also be connected to the calendar.

Google Calender

10. YouTube is also part of google free services.

Finally, the feature of Google: YouTube. The video platform now belongs to Alphabet and thus Google. Each user can draw up a channel and upload their own videos. It is is also part google free services.


Which Google free services, you are using.

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