Detect if Someone Access your Computer without your Permission

seguridadIn an ideal world, your computer is yours and no one else can use it. However, it is more usual to share your PC with others in the house, and living together or working together in a same place is not always easy, certainly once you find that someone has accessed your computer without permission. It is not always possible to make use of parental control and can not be 100% sure that your password is indecipherable, how to detect an unauthorized access? Here we review some tips and tricks to find out if someone has accessed your computer.

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Intel Prepares “Rival Siri” Without Cloud Connection

jarvis-intelJarvis Intel is working on a voice assistant that does not require a permanent internet connection for all your tasks. The project is strongly related to Quark’s initiative to make Intel processors aimed at small size wearables .

Siri and Google Call Now an unfulfilled promise perhaps exaggerating a bit, but what is certain is that they stay away from that geek futurism that would allow us to talk to our devices to David Hasselhoff

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10 Tips to Improve your Facebook Page


We show how to improve your Facebook page through a series of simple tips to implement to increase reach and engagement. From the definition of the target audience or to the development of a communication strategy and content, will help whether you’re a beginner or already take several years in the business of social networks.

Some years ago, in the business of Social Media Marketing one of the justifications that had to wield more to convince a customer was the need to have a page or brand fanpage on Facebook. But fortunately,

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