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Superpowers of AI, Augmented Reality and IoT

Most of us associate superpowers with comics and movies.¬†But artificial intelligence and augmented reality make a lot of things possible these days.¬†However, the decisive factor will be who uses the progress for himself. “What is Batman’s superpower?¬†Money. ‚ÄĚA standard joke in the comic world.¬†Otherwise, almost all superheroes have very special, superhuman powers. What we know […]

Sticker Smartphone is the future of electronics

Scientists create a new class of electronics (Sticker Smartphones) that interacts with the body in different ways. A group of scientists and engineers from the Korean KAIST Institute is developing microchips that can stick to the body. I will stick to the skin like wet paper or silicone plaster.¬†The ‚Äústickers‚ÄĚ with electronic circuits are made […]

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Data is the fuel of Internet of Things

Mark Re of Seagate looks to the future of data.¬†IoT and other topics will lead to a dramatic increase in the amount of data. Current technologies are undoubtedly very impressive. Above all because they are becoming more and more adaptable and adaptable.¬†This is particularly evident in the Internet of Things (IoT). An enormous network of […]

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SIM cards for IoT use

Whether it’s a container, truck or garbage can: the easiest way to¬†integrate¬†things¬†wirelessly into the¬†Internet of Things is¬†by mobile phone¬†.¬†In addition to the big players in the industry, there are numerous smaller and larger specialized providers on the market that promise tailor-made solutions. The market of network providers for the¬†access of all kinds of things to […]

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HiveMQ brings the cloud to the cloud

The¬†Internet of Things¬†meets enterprise solutions: from sensors to professional applications and back. The HiveMQ company has expanded the Kafka extension of its MQTT-based messaging broker for devices of the Internet of Things.It will help to let HiveMQ clusters work with the cloud-based Kafka solution from Confluent.¬†This integrates the IoT cloud into the enterprise cloud and […]

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10 most important strategic IoT trends by 2023

According to market research firm Gartner, strategically important technology trends such as AI, more sophisticated and less expensive sensors, or new wireless technologies such as 5G will advance the Internet of Things (IoT) in the digital business over the next five years. At the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona, the market research institute presented its top […]

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Smart Hospital : The focus is the human being health

Artificial intelligence can be used¬† in medicine, robots in care, wearables as potential lifesavers: The list of currently discussed and already used digital technologies that will determine the future of health care can be extended indefinitely.¬†But do these digital initiatives also work together?¬†A look at the emerging Smart Hospital shows what the digital future looks […]

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10 tips for IoT projects

More and more companies are preparing for the IoT project. What pitfalls lurk in the implementation. Device Insight learned in more than 150 IoT projects. Findings that we have summarized in 10 tips for IoT Projects. According to¬†the¬†current IDG study IoT 2018¬†,¬†every second German company is¬†currently preparing an¬†IoT¬†project or informing itself.¬†Whether the project will be […]

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