Supercapacitor can Charge a Smartphone within 30 Seconds [Video]

eesha_khare_supercapacitorEesha Khare, a 18 year old from California, it was confined to the second position Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, however, the invention presented left the public with an open mouth and attracted great interest in Google !

The Khare created a supercapacitor that could charge a battery smartphone within 20-30 seconds and even with further research could be used in other areas, such as the rapid charging of batteries used in electric cars.

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DARPA Wants to Create Electronic Devices that can Dissolve

darpa_melting_electronicsThe agency DARPA is preparing yet another very interesting research project, as always (and unfortunately) for military purposes, which may be particularly beneficial for others in other areas. Theme of the program VAPR (Vanishing Programmable Resources) is the manufacture of electronic devices can disappear or dissolve in the environment at the will of their manager, and after a battle is not feasible to recover all used electronic devices , so there is a risk of falling into enemy hands.

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Tobii Rex, Technology to Control a PC with Your Eyes

Tobii-Rex-close-upThe month of January has been full of big releases in the world of technology, from the most anticipated devices by consumers in the field of computers, mobile phones and tablets, to prototypes , prototypes are more interesting and promising for future in the style of science fiction for each of us. Among these has been presented Tobii Rex, a more promising device that allows a computer to control Windows 8 with our eyes , something simply spectacular, as we can see in the video demonstration.

The system was first introduced at the last CES , as a revolutionary invention. Through a sensor that will remind some Kinect , lets follow the course of our eyes and know exactly what we are seeing , so place the cursor on this .

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CES 2013: Top 5 Product Highlights of the First day of Launch

Exhibition for consumer electronics show (CES) is the world’s largest technology event and now plays a very important impact on the development trend of the year for manufacturers. The first day of CES 2013 brought us closer to the notice, application equipment and technology intelligence worth considering.

This year saw the rise of intelligent technology and the manufacturer seems increasingly want their devices become smarter, television, camera and phone. Let us also review some prominent events related to the product in the first day of CES 2013.

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CES 2013

CES 2013: Five Major Industry Trends

CES 2013

The electronics industry’s annual global event – CES held in Las Vegas. The electronic giants are making every body stops to show its own research and development of the latest electronic products and technologiesBased on past experience of CES event,  It is a good predictor of the effect of the industry and the direction of the stock market run as 2009 by LED, smart phones and touch screen, the 2011 by Tablet PC and smart phone. The concept of these industries, as well as behind the industry chain shows the strong performance of the stock market in the year.

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Japan, Digital Experiences for the all 5 Senses


The world of digital content could soon experience a new revolution. In fact, Japan has been presented with a new technology that promises to bring to life the user interactive experience complete with all five senses , thus making obsolete tools like Google Street View, can transport you to a place only from the visual point of view. Presented at the Digital Content Expo 2012.This technology was delivered in the laboratories of Tokyo Metropolitan University and seems to honor the promises made ??on the eve.

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5 Most Advanced Technology Products in 2012


Current human life is coloured by a lot of advanced technology products. Not the product stand out and make their own mark but now there are a lot of outstanding products and put human life to the next “level”.

Mashable site recently summarized the five outstanding advanced technology products in 2012 on the technology, design, usability and features. Here are 5 products.

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Electronic Sensors to Wear

Electronic Sensors to Wear

Electronic Sensors to WearIn a time when the field of information technology is increasingly in the direction of wearable technology, as evidenced for example, is the Google Glass no shortage of ideas in this area.The latest comes from Hong Kong, where researchers at Hong Kong Polytechnic University have made some electronic sensors that can adapt perfectly to the human body and its forms , opening the door to new solutions in terms of the wearable electronics.

Unlike conventional electronic components, typically

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10 NASA Inventions, Surely use Every Day and Did not Know – Part 2

Although most of us have never walked on the moon, probably all come into contact with products created by NASA every day.

The partnership with various research teams and companies, continues to create a variety of new technologies and products that have improved our daily lives.

From basics in health, security, communications and entertainment. In fact, NASA has filed more than 6,300 patents with the government of the U.S. 

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