Tim Cook-Apple- TVs

Tim Cook Mentions that Apple Plans a Line of TVs

Tim Cook-Apple- TVsThe ‘CEO of Apple,  Tim Cook , announced that his company plans to build a full-fledged television set in a very near future. Derogatory comments that existing TV sets are outdated pieces of technology..

The repeated references by Cook on the prospect of a new Apple TV, come from an interview with  Brian Williams of NBC Rock Center . In the discussion was asked the CEO what are the prospects of the company, and everything has hinted that Apple has big plans in Serbian.

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PlayStation 3 ,Netflix

PlayStation 3 by Netflix : The Most Favourite Device in Living-Room

PlayStation 3 ,Netflix

Sony is outpacing each competitors within the gambling area and set-top box makers once it involves Netflix streaming. Nowadays Netflix discovered that its subscribers read content on the PlayStatio-3 a lot of usually than the other device within the front room.

It is The Most Favourite Device in Living-Room.

Holding that high slot suggests that Sony’s console remains prior to the Xbox 360, Apple TV, Roku’s varied streaming devices, and alternative hardware.

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Five Things, You do Not like in Apple TV

The Apple TV is a device that generates many questions . It really is difficult to know the extent to which a user will be able to use it and if the It costs 112 euros or may not be a good bet.

Therefore, we will try to give reasons that help us determine whether or not to buy the Apple TV. As the easiest to remember the negative to the positive, let’s start with the five negative points for not buying the Apple TV .

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Apple tv

Apple TV will be Called iPanel

Apple tvRumors of a possible imminent appearance of the TV under the brand name Apple exaggerated in the press over the past year. 
Previously it was thought that the TV will be called iTV, but the resource appleinsider.com posted some other information.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said the new brainchild of Apple will be “something more than just television,” will be released later this year and will be called iPanel. The name of iTV had to give up – this brand is owned by

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