Jailbreak for iOS 7.0.5 Now Available 1

Jailbreak for iOS 7.0.5 Now Available

ios-7-en-iphone-41If you wanted to upgrade but not let you jailbreak, or if you wanted to upgrade jailbreak but do not allow it, no problem, it has already reached the jailbreak for iOS 7.0.5 , the latest operating system for Apple mobile devices .

It has arrived  for iOS 7.0.5 jailbreak with evasi0n 7 1.0.5.As reported Pod2g , one of its main developers, recently this new version has been launched and is available from the official website of evasi0n. Good news for those who wanted to keep her updated but enjoy while at the same time the jailbreak device. To download just have to go to the team site.

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evasi0n: jailbreak Tool of iOS 6.x Could Release this Sunday

evasi0n-jailbreak-Tool-iOS 6.x-Comes-SundayThe  evad3rs , the new team of jailbreak scene consisting of MuscleNerd , pimskeks ,  planetbeing  , and pod2g , announced the name of the upcoming iOS jailbreak tool in 6.x : evasi0n

The  evasi0n  will support all iOS devices that have installed iOS 6, iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6.02 and iOS 6.1 except Apple TV 3rd gen!

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Chronic jailbreak Dev Team Officially Abandoned 2

Chronic jailbreak Dev Team Officially Abandoned

jailbreak1Joshua Hill, aka p0sixninja and famous exponent of the scene of the jailbreak today announced the official close of the Chronic-Dev Team , one of the most prolific hacker teams in the history of the changes to the iPhone.

From 2009 to date, for four years, the Chronic-Dev Team has delighted the jailbreak scene with a number of important tools. For the uninitiated,

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Pod2g: Jailbreak is Ready, We are Waiting for iOS 6.1 3

Pod2g: Jailbreak is Ready, We are Waiting for iOS 6.1

IPHONE-5-CYDIA-jailbreakAfter a long silence, in recent days there has been an overdose of updates by hackers working on the jailbreak of iOS 6. But with his last message, Pod2g makes us imagine that the jailbreak is ready.

First a brief summary: major changes begin when Pod2g finished his work commitments, it focuses on Jailbreak iOS 6 working closely with Planetbeing. On January 19, the two announce that they have achieved a number of positive results but still lacks a fundamental element which serves to release the JB to all users. On January 21, Pod2g seems to want us to know that there are “good news” , but we do not know what it is. Tonight Planetbeing wrote on Twitter : “Tons of progress in recent days, the future looks pretty bright for the world of jailbreak” .

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Jailbreak for Windows 8 RT


A developer using the alias “clrokr” has found a way i.e. a security mechanism of Windows RT – to trick the code integrity check – the version of Windows 8 for tablets with ARM processor. This way should be let on the Surface Tablet and other devices running Windows RT start and unsigned desktop applications.

The developer writes to the breakthrough of the thoroughness with which its operating system Microsoft has ported to the ARM platform. Functional Windows RT has been implemented so clean that in the depths of the kernel the same byte can lay down the minimum level for the code signing as with the desktop version.Windows Time determined based on the quality of this byte signature. 0th unsigned applications received the lowest rating Microsoft signatures are classified with 8, Windows components are located on level 12.

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Untethered Jailbreak of iOS 6 is Already Available, but not in a Public


The popular front jailbreak hackers, Planetbeing, claims to be in possession of the version of iOS 6.0.2 untethered  jailbreak  and explains, in a comment on Reddit, why has not yet been publicly released.

Planetbeing was one of the key elements of the world of the jailbreak in the early days, and was one of the creators of ultrasn0w which is  a tool for editing iPhone 4. Now part of “iPhone Dev Team”.

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