Most Influential Technology Events in 2012

These events have a major impact on technology village in the past 12 months.

1. Samsung and Apple took each other’s hands in court

Referring to the cult tech events in 2012, one can not forget the historic lawsuit between Samsung and Apple with the victory belongs to the apple. The end of the trial in the U.S., Samsung to Apple more than $ 1 billion in compensation. Fortunately for Samsung, at the hearing in other continents Apple has not gained the upper hand at home. In a British court, Apple forced officially apologized Samsung on their website. In the Netherlands, Apple wins Samsung that force brands from Korea to stop selling the products being pirated.

By this time the two sides had paused truce because there are too many responses from many parties.Perhaps both Apple and Samsung use the litigation that focuses its products as war on village technology not only has 2 big.

2. Windows 8 officially released

Microsoft has officially released a new version of the Windows operating system in the event on 25/10 in the U.S., Asia-Pacific and around the world. Global users can purchase and use this new operating system from 26/10.

Microsoft says Windows 8 operating system is undergoing construction step and the most rigorous test to date, with more than 1.24 million hours of testing. This shows that Microsoft is expecting how big on its new operating system, not to the “trail vehicle” of the operating system Windows Vista before.

During the development of Windows 8, Microsoft has worked closely with hardware partners, and as a result more than 1000 products using Windows 8, including PC (desktop and desktop) and tablets (including including Microsoft Surface tablet) will be released simultaneously with the event unveiled Windows 8. This helps the event to launch Windows 8 to be the biggest launch event ever of Microsoft.

3. Facebook reach 1 billion members

Facebook has officially rolled the 1 billion member mark last August. CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself announced this information on Facebook’s official blog with the words joy and at the same time do not forget to thank those who use Facebook, the important factors contributing to the social network the largest planet.

“This morning, more than 1 billion people use Facebook regularly. If you are reading this, thank you for giving me and my small team have been honored to serve you, “said Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook’s official blog.

With the number of 1 billion users, Facebook continues to show its unique strengths in the field of social networking, ahead of rivals such as Google, MySpace … and there is still no indication that the number Facebook users will decline in the future.

4. Apple launched a series of super

Last year was eventful year for Apple with the launch of a series of super food which can not not mention the iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, I touch it to make sure that the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini is a product that many people expect. And as expected, after the launch of two products have gained a lot of fans and favor rapid turnover on the market. iPhone 5 to be extended to the mass market with admirable growth. After the launch iPad mini always fall into scarcity.

Despite the limited but Apple has proven that he is one of the kings in the world of technology.

5. A series of big “crashes”

If Apple and Samsung to go from success to success, the likes of Nokia, RIM must accept the outcome not so good. For example, RIM, before the situation every quarter loss of several hundred million dollars, the company was looking for ways to cut costs, such as laying off 5,000 workers. Nokia is also not very bright when it relocated its location right in the home country of Finland. The company officially switched from ranking fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, to sell luxury phone brand Vertu, closing a series of new factories around the world and especially to sell headquarters in Finland.

Other brands also not very bright, struggling to face the risk of chronic dull.

6.Instagram become billion applications

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg on 9-4 has announced that the company is buying back Instagram – photo sharing social network for mobile biggest – with nearly $ 1 billion. And the deal has ended successfully with the Instagram with facebook by price 1 billion including cash and shares in Facebook.

Facebook boss also added that this purchase is an important milestone for Facebook, because this is the first time the company acquired a company and a product that many people use it.

7. Megaupload officially closed accused of copyright infringement, loss of revenue of at least $ 500 million. The indictment came one day after a series of famous sites, such as Wikipedia, Google and Craigslist shut down the website to protest Internet piracy bill SOPA and PIPA.Two bills are considered absurd and can “kill the Internet” block does not allow users access to websites that contain content that violates the copyright, can even ask the company level servers in the United States to remove them if the site is hosted on servers in the United States. In addition, the bill also requires the online search services such as Google, Yahoo or Bing … to remove the violating this site from search engines.

Even if one website links to another site that contains content that violates the copyright, the site will also be provided for the “accomplice” and punished.

Megaupload is based in Hong Kong, but some pirated content is placed on the server in Virginia. Thus, is “victim” first bill “kill the internet”.

8. Twitter also welcomed its 500 millionth member

In addition to the success of the social network facebook, twitter also receive success with the number increased by 1 member dramatically. 2012 witnessed the first receiving member 500 and twitter account with 200 participants.

Figures noted the rapid development of the social network when nine months ago, Twitter reached 140 million monthly active users, with 340 million tweets per day.

In recent years, the “micro-blogging” has played a very important role in making the information “hot,” to ensure the update very quickly.

By now everyone was used to post information to share on Twitter account (“tweet”), similar to the common tasks text messaging or phone calls.

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