“Defriendtion” App to Let your Annoying Facebook Friends Grounded

Defriendtion-App-facebookDefriendtion , The application for leave to serve punishment for those friends who post thousands of pictures of food, update the status every 5 minutes, use hashtags unnecessarily, just post quotes and so on. The creators explain that the ‘Defriendtion’ is a kind of dislike , since Facebook has not invented this button.

All you need to do is fill out a short form explaining what is the reason for their discontent and how long your friend will be grounded. The app then posts a message on the wall of the person, letting the world know that she or he is being temporarily ignored . Watch the video to better understand how it works. The promotional video of the app explains that the targets are friends who post pictures of their lunch, doing live inspirational quote or simply share too much.


The application is a joke  just for giggles and not really block any content in feed news.But, fear not, you can do that yourself by changing the settings for each friend. It’s like the virtual version of avoiding people on the street or using caller-ID to screen calls.



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