iPhone 4S “Siri”: A Revo-Move Toward Artificial Intelligence


Apple has as one of the new innovative features the updated smartphone iPhone 4s provided voice aid Siri. In fact, it can be considered a kind of “Artificial Intelligence” as possible applications in the Recognition and Enforcement teams a new era of management systems smartphones.

Back in 1987, Apple introduced the first function Knowledge Navigator.Yes, the service which is controlled by a human voice was first created some time ago already. The company introduced the even video, in which a person approaches the plate and starts to talk to him, asking a voice command.

In another television commercial about the potential future college professor has used digital assistant to hold lectures, to find research papers and perform other tasks.

After Steve Jobs returned to the company, he forbade re-upload raw ideas to the public hearing. One such video appeared on the network after three years the Newsweek interview with Apple.Jobs said in an interview, 

He knows the most information out of your life, you would like to perpetuate the memory. One day, when you turn 18 and you just broke up with your girlfriend, he says, “You know, Steve, the same thing happened three times in a row.

Even the very first version of the voice service as analyzed information from the past to communicate and synthesize some new idea. What is it if not artificial intelligence

With Siri will be set smartphone basic voice commands. Simply click on the shortcut icon with the microphone and say aloud the text notes, or a function name. In Cupertino, at all times knew how to surprise, what was done and at this time. Siri kind of service is a unique product, which, according to most analysts, will make the smartphone iPhone 4S at times more popular than its predecessor.American mobile operator AT & T said that for the first 12 hours was done 200 000 pre-orders for iPhone 4S, so that the first batch, which has not even appeared in the stores already have their owners. Apple has brought voice control to a new level by introducing “Artificial Intelligence” under the name of Siri, so that the technological singularity is near.


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