The Memory of Steve Jobs on Twitter

From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, the most prominent executive with technological world leaders and celebrities sent their condolences on the microblogging platform after death of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs Memory on Twitter

Steve Jobs’s death reverberated not only in the technology industry, where Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg sent their condolences and even made mention of Google co-founder of Apple starting. From the White House to musicians, actors and celebrities expressed regret in less than 140 characters.

Here are the Memory of Steve Jobs composed from Twitter .

Apple recalled the figure of its founder with a message on its website

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    Apple designs and Creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the Revolutionary iPhone and iPad.
  • The Memory of Steve Jobs on Twitter 1
    Apple have lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world have lost an amazing human being. Those of us Who Have Been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve Have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor.
  • Meanwhile, one of the founders of Microsoft, Bill Gates, sent his condolences to the family of Steve Jobs.
  • Melinda and I extend our sincere condolences to Steve Jobs’ family & friends. The world Rarely Sees someone who made Such a Profound impact.

BillGatesThe Memory of Steve Jobs on Twitter 3October 6, 2011 at 5:37
  • Steve Jobs
    I’m truly saddened to learn of Steve Jobs’ death.Melinda and I extend our sincere condolences to His family and friends, and to everyone you touched Steve-through historical work. Steve and I first met Nearly 30 years ago, and Have Been colleagues, Competitors and friends over the course of our lives more Than half.
  • Google, meanwhile, devoted a section on the home page of your web browser. “We are very sad to learn about the departure of Steve Jobs,” the company said in its official Twitter profile, along with a text by Larry Page, one of the founders of the company.

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  • We’re very sad to hear the news of Steve Jobs’ passing.Larry’s Thoughts & Sergey’s

  • Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, left his condolences from his official profile on the social network.
  • Steve, thank you … | Facebook
    Mark Zuckerberg wrote: Steve, thank you for Being a mentor and … Join Facebook to connect with Mark Zuckerberg and Others May you know.
  • Dick statements Costolo, CEO of Twitter

  • Once in a rare while, somebody Who doesn’t just eat Along raise the bar, They create an Entirely new standard of measurement. # RIPSteveJobs

  • Recognition of Nokia’s official Twitter profile CEO Stephen Elop, and the message of condolence from BlackBerry.

  • Steve’s passion for simplicity and elegance Leave a Legacy That Will endure. Thoughts of all at Nokia are historical with friends and family.

  • Steve Jobs Was a great visionary and respected competitor.Our deepest condolences to His Family and to all of the employees of Apple.

  • In his way, Steve Jobs reminded Flickr with a photograph.
  • “After news broke Moments About Steve Jobs’ death, a rainbow popped out of the Pixar campus (taken with my iPhone 4)”

  • The reaction of Barack Obama, White House statement and a particular memory of Steve Jobs’s figure of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera on Twitter
  • “I’ve changed the way Each of Us Sees the world,” President Obama on the On The Passing of Steve Jobs:

    Following the loss of Apple visionary Steve Jobs co-founder, President Obama released this statement: Michelle and I are saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. Among the greatest WAS Steve of American innovators – brave enough to think Differently, bold enough to believe I Could change the world, and talented enough to do it.
  • Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. From all of us at # Obama2012 , thank you for the work you make possible every day, Including ours.

  • In a memorable breakfast with Steve Jobs, at his home in Palo Alto, and invite you to visit Chie accept this spring. His death will prevent

  • Celebrities, from the actor Ashton Kutcher (recognized techie) to Eva Longoria, Alec Baldwin with director Spike Lee and musicians Snoop Dogg, Moby and Will.I.Am Apple co-founder recalled.

  • Sending love & light to everyone @ Apple & the Entire Jobs family.Today we lost to Giant Who Will be missed by Those Who Did not Even Know Him.

  • Steve Jobs RIP Rest in peace homie.

  • My heart goes out for the family of Steve Jobs. What an inspiration to us all He Was a creative and visionary for th …

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    People, We lost today-GIANTS 2 American Jobs and Reverend Fred Mr.Steve Shuttlesworth.You know Mr. Jobs Shuttlesworth But check out who was.

    SpikeLeeThe Memory of Steve Jobs on Twitter 3October 6, 2011 at 6:01
  • Sad About Steve Jobs. On par with Henry Ford, Carnegie and Edison.

  • So very, very, very sad That died so young Steve Jobs. His death is our huge loss. Very sad.

  • youchangetheworld we lost a great innovator … steve jobs designate whole new world … He Will be missed …

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    Woke to the news of Steve Jobs’s death. I have changed the world. I Knew him a little and Admired him Entirely. Love to Apple and His family.

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The network was not indifferent to the death of Steve Jobs, and paid tribute to remember the figure of the co-founder of Apple in different productions.


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