Steve Jobs Has Gone Forever [ FULL DOCUMENTARY]

steve_jobsdates-smallSome Days Before ,A tweet by CBS Mistakenly Declared, Steve Dead. Unfortunately Now it is Truth.

Steve Jobs , Apple founder of the empire, one of the greatest icons of the computing industry has permanently left at the age of 56 …

Steve Jobs, Apple empire founder, former CEO and chairman of the board at the “apple defect” was gone forever.

Terrible news is the Apple confirmed a few hours,  correct release date 4S iPhone , the phone company’s new generation. ” We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs has died today .

An Apple employee holds an iPad with its screen showing a message in memory of Apple founder Steve Jobs, in San FranciscoAn employee holding company Apple iPad visit the company web site has announced the sad news of the departure of Steve Jobs – Photo: Reuters

Steve is a symbol of passion, motivation and the employer of the great discoveries, enrich and improve our lives. The world has a lot better thanks to Steve Jos.

Greatest love was his family and his wife Laurene. Our hearts stop beating and as impressed by his special talent. “

Steve Jobs Has Gone Forever

Legendary Steve Jobs was born on 24/02/1955 in San Francisco, California, USA. Childhood, he adopted a middle class family in America and lived in Silicon Valley today.
Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) at school. Jobs and Wozniak larger on course at Homestead High School.
In 1976, when Jobs and Wozniak, 26, 21 years old, they co-founded Apple Computer in the Jobs’ garage. The first product is a personal computer Apple I.
In 1983, Steve Jobs decided to leave Apple and founded NeXT Computer
In 1996, Apple bought NeXT announced price USD 429 million, paving the way for Steve Jobs returned to lead the empire “apple defects.”
8 / 2011, Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO, but remains active in the company on behalf department board chairman.
Steve Jobs stood on the 230 other patents, which are applied in many fields. Could name a lot of products “blockbuster” tiger marks as Steve Jobs iPhone, Macbook, iPad, iMac, OS MAC OS …

Immediately after the news Steve Jobs’s death, immediately posted his picture on the homepage with Your words honor legendary people.

In the past, with friend Steve Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976. For many reasons, your surprise it was “rock” from the company in 1985 and only returned to work on in 1996. Over the years, with creative talent and his tremendous, Steve Jobs made Apple into a leading company.


In late May 8 / 2011, Steve Jobs decided to leave Apple’s leadership dedicated to healing. Then, there are reports that Steve Jobs could hardly survive pancreatic cancer has been abused in recent years.

It’s heartbreaking when after only a short time away from work that was spent devoted Uncle, Steve Jobs has died, leaving a family who loved his wife, four children and 49,000 employees of Apple. Immediately after Job information when Steve died, many netizens expressed sympathy and admiration for the character of this famous memorial in personal status, or change the avatar image of Steve Jobs.


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