Mistaken Tweet by CBS Declared “Steve Jobs” Dead

Mistaken Tweet by CBS Declared Steve Jobs Dead

Latest Update: Steve Jobs Has Really Died. 

Steve Jobs has had a tough time lately. Apple’s recently retired CEO has had to upset prolonged illness and even a liver transplant. Now, CBS has accidentally tweeted that the Apple co-founder and long-time successful tech CEO had died. Steve Jobs has not died, in step with reports — only 1 CBS program contains apparently has a fast Twitter finger.Twitter news moves quick, and also the tweet caused panic among Jobs’ admirers and fans throughout the globe. only 1 problem: The tweet was a slip-up.”Reports say that Steve Jobs has kicked the bucket. keep tuned for a lot of updates,” the CBS tweet said.CBS realized the tweet was a slip-up, and apologized for the unconfirmed, erroneous tweet. CBS removed the tweet fully through Twitter’s deleting method however not before it had been retweeted by many folks on Twitter and unfold throughout the web, spawning the active search term, “steve jobs dead.”The tweet was sent by the official Twitter account employed by “What’s Trending,” a CBS show hosted by Shira LazarAfter CBS removed the tweet, the corporate sent another one: “Reports of Steve Job’s (sic) death fully unconfirmed.”Lazar, the show’s govt producer, conjointly later tweeted an apology: “On behalf of all people at @disruptgroup we tend to sincerely apologize for the inaccuracy that was tweeted earlier nowadays.-EP/ Host @WhatsTrending,”Jobs has battled a rare variety of pancreatic cancer. He recently retired unexpectedly, turning Apple’s CEO role over to Tim Cook, who had previously stepped in throughout 2 leaves of absence.

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