Should I Get a Apple iPhone 4s Or Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

Should I Get A IPhone 4s Or Samsung Galaxy S2On Yahoo Answers Folks ask the Question “Should I Get A iPhone 4s Or Samsung Galaxy S2”.

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Here is a Simple Comparison.

The Samsung S2 Galaxy or S II is probably one of the biggest rivals the iPhone 4S (apart from the next Prime Nexus), so we created a small article to compare Apple’s new smartphone and the largest Samsung phone sales to date.

The Power:

The Samsung S2 Galaxy or S II is powered by ARM Cortex A9 Exynos dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz, while the functions of the chip A5 4S iPhone, the same dual-core processor used by the iPhone 2. When it comes to speed, both are competitive – but comparing the two processors is like comparing TouchWiz IOS and Android as well, because the speed of the phone also depends on the optimization implemented.

Can the Galaxy S II 4S compete against the iPhone?

About Main Camera:

Samsung features a Galaxy S2 8-megapixel camera with LED flash individual, while the 4S iPhone also features 8-megapixel camera – but Apple says the iPhone 4S is better than “other smart phones” when it comes to quality of the camera because camera technologies implemented courtesy of the accelerometer video stabilization and improved noise cancellation. The Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone can record 4S HD video up to 1080p.

About Secondary camera:

The iPhone is equipped with 4S VGA front camera while the Galaxy S II is sporty 2-megapixel secondary camera. 4S iPhone supports video calls with the native application called FaceTime video and other applications like Skype and tango, while the Galaxy S II is compatible with Google Talk with the video (in the OS 2.3. Gingerbread 4) and other third party applications available on Android Market.

On-board storage:

The Samsung Galaxy S II is compatible with microSD card slot, so with the 16GB model only, a user can update the phone’s storage of 48 GB. Meanwhile, Apple offers three models of 4S iPhone, 32GB 16GB and 64GB. 4S The iPhone is not compatible with microSD card slot.


4S iPhone iPhone is the fastest ever, not only in the department of the processor, but also data connectivity. According to Apple, the iPhone supports up to 14.4 Mbps 4S discharge and up to 5.8Mbps, while the Galaxy Samsung S2 is a phone ready to 21Mbps HSPA + download speed and upload 5.76Mbps. The iPhone is a phone 4S CDMA / GSM world phone or while Samsung is offering both GSM and CDMA Galaxy S II.

The Display:

4S The iPhone has 3.5-inch screen with the display of the retina or 960 x 640 pixel resolution to 326 dpi, while the Galaxy S II features 4.3-inch (4.52 to Epic Touch 4G Galaxy and T-Mobile USA II S) Super Plus AMOLED screen technology. Display Samsung Galaxy S II 217 ppi sports (for 4.3-inch screen and 206 pixels per inch of the screen of 4.52 inches) with resolution of 480 by 800. The 4S iPhone with Better Supporting Features “Theoretically Clearer” but the AMOLED Super S Plus II is so beautiful.

Connectors and buttons.. etc:

The Galaxy S II Samsung battery is charged, it synchronizes with your PC or Mac and display TV or monitor mirror with manual handling of loads or mobile high definition link, compatible with Micro USB, but better, because some II devices can charge the S, while mirroring or synchronization. Meanwhile, the iPhone is Apple sports 4S 30-pin dock connector compatible with Apple peripherals and other products of third single fact.

The Samsung Galaxy S and 4S iPhone II are equipped with a 3.5 mm jack for headphones, and both have a built-in microphone and noise cancellation technology.

Samsung is offering two variants Galaxy S II, one with the physical home button (which is sold outside the U.S.), and variants (Sprint, AT & T and T-Mobile) with capacitive buttons that are required by Android OS. Both “iPhone 4S ” Plus “Samsung Galaxy S II”  have also been sleeping on and off the phones or how to wake.

Talk time , Internet time and battery life:

The Samsung Galaxy S II (Global version) supports up to 710 hours and 610 hours on 2G Standby time 3G talk time of 18 hours and 20 minutes maximum of 2G and 8 hours and 40 minutes on 3G and 5 to 6 hours with real-time active use. Also The “iPhone 4S” provide up-to 200 hours stand-by time with 3G talk time of 8 hours on 3G and 14 hours on 2G GSM and supports the use of Internet for up to 6 hours on 3G and a maximum of 9 hours on Wi-Fi .

The Price:

The Samsung Galaxy S II 16 GB model sports the price tag of $ 199.99 (AT & T, Sprint), while the 16 GB iPhone 4S uses the same price tag of $ 199.99. Apple offers two models, the 32GB for $ 299.99 and the 64GB for $ 399.99. Samsung 32 GB S II Galaxy is not yet available in the U.S.


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