Billionaire Without a Diploma

Billionaire Without a DiplomaiPod, iPhone and iPhone have their origin due to Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.There are many other Products tied to Steve jobs.

After a long battle with Cancer, lost jobs this week’s battle. 

Billionaire without a diploma

That you do not necessarily need a degree to be successful, there is evidence of Steve Jobs. He studied at Reed College after only one semester. Four years later, at 21, he began working with Steve Wozniak, Mike Markkula, and some others, Apple Computer Inc.

After some wrangling, however, he left the company early on. Yet he did not throw in the towel, because in 1986 he bought for 7.5 million euros ($ 10 million) “The Graphics Group ‘on. Moreover, he went in between time at sea with Pixar, the animation of Disney.

$ 1 per year

Since Apple entered the market, it has the way people work, play and communicate changes. Steve Jobs was responsible for. For when in 1996, after years of absence, returned to Apple, he saved the company from ruin. IPod, iPhone and Apple iPhone have more regard given worldwide.

While Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple, he paid himself only $ 1 per year, reported by the SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission.

Some fringe benefits, jobs differed from other CEOs. So he got no bonuses or fees for things that other CEOs do accept, as security personnel. In 1999 he got a plane, the Gulfstream V jet, worth 77 million euros.

3.5 million euros in shares

Despite a dollar himself paid annually, would Jobs do not scratch to make ends meet.As the largest shareholder of Apple, he owned approximately 3.5 million shares.Throw in another 104 million euros in shares of Disney and the account is created: in June 2011 at the 109th Jobs adorned place in the list of the world’s richest billionaires with a fortune of around 6 billion.

VIDEO: Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh



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