Steps to Setup Siri on iPod Touch 4G or iPhone 4

Steps to Setup Siri on iPod Touch 4G or iPhone 4-0If you’ve got an  iPhone four and wish to put in Siri, then browse this am. Of course, your iPhone should be jail broken. remember that you will  interface that Siri,  Since Siri connects to Apple servers and in flip prevents the firm access to the Apple iPhone that don’t seem to be 4S.

Step 1. Jailbreak  iPhone 4 with iOS 5 using Redsn0w.

Step 2. Please Download the

Step 3. Now open Explorer and copy the folder of iPhone in Folder of Private Frameworks Assistant services (i.e Root–> System–> Library–> Private Frameworks) . You can Now use “WinSCP” to navigate the files.

Steps to Setup Siri on iPod Touch 4G or iPhone 4-1

Host name:<now type the IP of  the network from the WiFi settings on the iPhone>Username: rootPassword: alpine

Step 4. Now you do the same action after going to the folder “SprinBoard”, and by copying all files in the SpringBoard_Assistant_pics Folder [Folder is located Root–> System–> Library–> CoreServices–> “”].

Step 5. Now IFile is installed from “Cydia”.

Step 6. Now follow path as Root–> System–> Library–> CoreServices–> and open the following  file

for the iPhone 4 [N90AP.plist] or for iPod Touch 4G [N81AP.plist] .

Step 7. Now Using the .Plist , add a new property list named as “assistant” and now choose the classes Boolean, and set the value YES. Now click File. Plist and edit the wizard as follows..

‘<key> assistant </ key> <true/>”After”<key> 720p </ key> <true/>’

Step 8. Its time to Restart the device on iOS for Siri. Please Press & hold the Home button if you want to call your new  Siri assistant.


Important:  If  installation is required on the device like iOS Siri, you perform this at your own risk. The reason is that…

Siri will connect to Apple`s servers and in then turn prevents access to the Apple that are not iPhone 4S“.



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