No Siri for iPhone 4 from Apple! Why This Kolaveri Di ?

No Siri for iPhone 4 from Apple!

Why Apple iPhone 4 does not update IOS Siri donated by many was questionable. First idea: Apple wants to boost the iPhone 4S purchases. But now it turns out: The reason for the lack of Siri on iPhone 4 or older devices, the hardware itself is

The iPhone 4S potters an Apple A5 processor with the second generation of DSP Audience including improved EarSmart (far-field). This cast in hardware noise reduction allows voice recording with an arm-length distance. The iPhone 4 (and earlier) was not this new version of the DSP hardware. Thus MAY use via Apple Update iOS never these features of the iPhone 4S A5 CPU.

In short, the actual computing power of the iPhone 4, it is not that Apple does not allow here Siri. However, the lack of hardware nunmal wegprogrammiert not so easy.

Jailbreak & Tweaks alternative proxies that Siri would also bring on older equipment, have also struggled with this problem. The iPhone 4 determined, in principle, “worse” than the iPhone audio recordings 4S – so you will understand Siri on an iPhone 4 is always worse than on an Apple iPhone 4S.

Kolaveri Means  “The Strong Desire to Kill Someone”, so  iPhone 4  Owners can Better explain After Reading the Article That

Why This Kolaveri Di?

(Via Apple Insider )

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