AirParrot Enables Mirror Mode on your Mac to Apple TV (Video)

AirParrot- Enable Mirror Mode on your Mac to Apple TV (Video)

AirParrot is an application for OS X that allows us to send the image of your Mac to the Apple TV as we would with the iPhone 2 and video mirroring. The application is installed in the menu bar where we can access the options.

These options are quite simple but that does not take much more. We want to choose which device to transmit the image, in case we have several Apple TV, adjust the video quality if we want more detail and fluidity or not and finally if we want the mouse cursor is displayed or not .

The price of $ 9.9 application is the individual license and $ 29.9 pack of five licenses. Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and might be interesting for certain applications. Without doubt, the Apple TV is a great device that offers multiple options. You can see a demo video in the extended entry.

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