Siri is Not Smart Enough [Hacked on iPhone 4]

Siri Hacked on iPhone 4The question is whether Apple’s intelligent assistance system Siri runs on older Apple smartphone seems to be answered a hobbyist, it is according to a report of9 to 5 Mac managed to migrate to the new iPhone software on an iPhone 4S imaginary fourth So far there is only a mere “proof of concept” version In a video shows developer Steven Troughton  Smith that the Siri interface can be accessed, is present in the system settings and a microphone icon part of the IOS keyboard is.

A voice command and recognition is however not possible because the iPhone 4 would have to authorize with Apple’s servers, where the real work takes place Siri.Whether this can be circumvented somehow, is still unclear. Besides existed in a first version of the hack problems with a graphics driver, which made ??sure that the iPhone 4 reacted very slowly. Troughton Smith seems to have solved this problem, at least, like a second clip shows

Who wants to read further background to the development of Siri, can mean while this post in the Wall Street Journal Watch It describes, among other things, that the developers of the language assistant aware some human like responses have missed. Collect the best of them now in blogs like Seriously Weird . Siri seems here to learn more.

Never the less, users need to remember that Siri mainly English works particularly well. Thus, for example, do not look at German restaurants or routes, and also access to Wolfram Alpha is denied. According to Apple zumindst card services and local information submitted later in 2012 will be. 


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