Apple Will Not Be a Dream For poor!

 Apple Will Not Be a Dream For poor 4Apple is preparing to launch low cost tablet  the budget version of the iPad. IPad mini gadget will cost about $ 200 and the screen size can range between traditional iPad and iPhone . Apple forced to go to market cheaper models because of competition from Amazon .

Apple is considering the release of the budget version of the Tablet PC iPad, Apple Insider reports with reference to the analyst Brian White, Ticonderoga Securities. On the budget version of the iPad he learned during his visit to China and Taiwan, where he met with suppliers of components. Sources describe him device iPad Mini, which was released to take place in the first months of 2012.

 According to White, “the term” Mini “does not necessarily have to relate to the size of the device, it could mean a lower price on a new iPad. He also noted that the release of the gadget would allow Apple to address “more sensitive to the prices of consumers’ and a response of Amazon, whose touch tablet Amazon Kindle Fire costs $ 199. “We believe that the cheaper iPad could be estimated at $ 200, Apple Insider cites a statement by White.  However, we expect that the release will be accompanied by the establishment of higher prices on the iPad 3 in the second quarter of 2012. ” According to White, the budget may increase the sales of iPad Apple in China and developing countries.

 Now the cost of the iPad 2 in the U.S. starts at $ 499. According to “Yandex market”, in Russia, iPad, equipped with 16 GB of memory and supports Wi-Fi, costs an average of 21 thousand rubles. In October last year, co-founder of Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that 7 inches  too small screen size. Apple spent a lot of research, and we really understand it . There are clear limits how close you can place the softkeys.That’s why we believe that 10 inches – the minimum size of the screen to create great apps for the Tablet PC “,  said Jobs. But the project iPad mini to fit the screen can range between traditional iPad and iPhone. On the eve of launch of the new iPhone 4S, which was held on 4 October, analysts expected a parallel presentation of the budget version of iPhone. According to unofficial information, the device had to be equipped with 8 GB of memory, and sold without a contract. But analysts’ expectations were dashed at the event, Apple «Let’s talk iPhone» in Cupertino was represented only by a new generation of smart phone that will work on the basis of the operating system Apple iOS 5. It is equipped with more powerful processor A5, as the iPad 2, and 8 megapixel camera with shooting in low light conditions. The price of the new iPhone 4S with a storage capacity of 16 GB in Russian shops ranging from 55 to 106 thousand rubles. Now the price the iPhone 4 to 16 GB of memory without reference to the mobile phone carrier in California costs about $ 700. The market tablets is changing, experts say CNet: Most likely, Apple Inc. will change with it. Devices with screens 7 inches and 8.9 inches from Samsung, HTC, RIM widespread. If analysts’ expectations come true, and Amazon Kindle Fire beats selling iPad, Apple Inc. will have to make smaller, cheaper tablet PCs. “


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