Siri Becomes Spy:It Can Leak out Your Information

Siri Become Spy  It Can leakout Your InformationsTool support voice called Siri is a very interesting new features on the iPhone 4S . Users can interact directly with the phone and perform everyday tasks such as calling, messaging, answering e-mail, set an alarm via voice …. However, her lovely Siri is back in themselves a potential risk of security vulnerabilities if the user does not care to use. Page CNET recently discovered that the default security setting of Siri allows users to access this feature even if your phone is locked.Siri Become Spy  It Can leakout Your InformationsThat means  if your iPhone fall into the hands of a thief, he could easily see what your contacts, appointments and other personal information of you. Fortunately, users can change the settings of the Siri to make it more secure. You simply access path Settings / General / Passcode Lock and turn off the ” Allow access to locked with a passcode Siri khi “go. Now, iPhone 4S will require you to open the lock before enabling the feature Siri.


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