iPhone 4S Totally New From Inside

iPhone 4S  Totally New From InsideApple announced on Tuesday, as expected, unveiled the successor of the successful iPhone 4. The new CEO Tim Cook opened his first product launch since the acquisition of group management of sick company founder Steve JobsThe idea of the new iPhone took over, marketing chief Phil Schiller:


The iPhone looks like the previous 4S’s, “but inside totally new.”

Thanks to the new A5 dual-core processor is waiting on the new iPhone with more computing power and better graphics performance. Simultaneously, the potential on a single charge talk time have been improved up to 8 hours. While surfing via WiFi on the other hand it holds for an hour less.For the first time there will be no two more versions of CDMA and GSM, the iPhone can spark 4S as a “World Phone” in both networks. The camera has donated the manufacturer claims to a new 8-megapixel sensor, with which the iPhone also now HD can record.

New  assistant named Siri, who performs simple tasks to spoken instructions.Thus, for example by voice add events to the calendar. Also on Google Maps Route calculations will be possible to call, as well as weather forecasts or simply looking up only in the Wikipedia. Siri is in addition to English, German and French and are exclusively run on the iPhone 4S.

4S is the iPhone as it had in black and white. For the first time a 64-gigabyte model is available.The 16-gigabyte model will cost in the U.S. in connection with a mobile Contract for 24 months $ 199, which are 32-gigabyte version is $ 299 and those with 64 gigabytes for $ 399. In Germany, the new iPhone Available from 14th  October, with prices starting at 629 euros. Other prices are not yet available. Can pre-order the devices from the 7th October.

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