Microsoft Kinect Will Become the Future of the Gaming World ?

Microsoft Kinect Will Become the Future of the Gaming World

In an era where the pace of technology has crept into nearly all aspects of life today, how we in general entertainment, and gaming in particular also had many differences. From here all day sitting “die” in a place with keyboard, mouse, PC or console’s hand controller, the gamer in all ages have suffered enough to stand up and play the game in ways that traditionally never had: Play with motion simulation.

Be originated by Nintendo, big country sunrise through the Wii, gaming simulation by immediate action has created a whole new wave, besides the traditional controller.Immediately, the two giants left in the console war also entered the war rich dense “motion gaming” promise.

While the “wand” PlayStation Move is outwardly no different and energy services holding the Wii, while the game device simulation support this movement sometimes such activities as desired by gamers, then attention will accrue on the remaining weapons, Kinect of Microsoft.

Microsoft Kinect vs Xbox 360

Since being introduced at E3 in 2009 with the name “Project Natal”, Kinect has received the attention and interest from not only the global Xbox 360 community, but also from the global gaming community world in general thanks to technology advanced motion recognition, which can comfortably gamer “dancing” on the body without any equipment support. This is also partly a weakness of the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move, when there are many unfortunate accidents occur due to gamer “the hand” makes Wii Mote or PS Move motion controller off the hand during the play game.

Early in February last, Microsoft has officially launched Kinect for computer users. At this point, Kinect has officially set foot in the colorful world of technology, with the ambitious applications in fields such as health or education, rather than encapsulated in the game purely as before thanks to the toolkit for developers (SDK – Software Development Kit).

However, its main applications, games, remain top concerns. According to some rumors without basis, the 3rd generation of Microsoft consoles, Xbox 720 will be directly integrated motion recognition system. Meanwhile, rival across the Pacific Ocean, Sony is again trying its best to catch up with Microsoft technologies, that is in tune without moving the device supports the body of players. Currently, although the system uses the PlayStation Eye as a tool “catching” motion, but the Sony device still catch the player holding the controller with a sensor for the camera tasks as recorded.

Return to the Microsoft Kinect launched on PC, chances are this will be the right direction to help parish Redmond giant dominating the game in the next few years.

Can be identified as highly subjective, but it’s not wrong: Microsoft Kinect is the first colonizers, is what makes the game developers and gamers we have to look at the way the game is created, and more importantly how they are used.


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