Kinect 2 Lips Reading Feature for Recognition of the Emotional State

Kinect 2 Lips Reading Feature for Recognition of the Emotional StateOut new hypotheses on the future of Kinect: lip reading, recognition of the emotional state and resolution of the HD camera.

Eurogamer, the popular web portal specializing in video games, has released a new set of rumors regarding the future of Kinect , a revolutionary device for gaming without controllers introduced by Microsoft in November 2010 on Xbox 360 .

According to reports from the website, the next version of Kinect, as well as being included by default in the new Xbox will be so accurate that you can read the lips of the player understand his state of mind and even in which direction turns. Kinect 2would in fact be able to monitor the tone of your voice and analyze the various facial expressions to measure mood.

Microsoft would also paying close attention to picture quality . For various technical reasons, mostly related to power via USB, the current Kinect is capable of transmitting an image from the resolution of just 320 × 240 pixels at a smooth 30 frames per second. Kinect 2  will offer HD resolution and a double flow, equal to 60 frames per second (the analysis assumes, however, the lip of an image sensor as defined).

In short, the labs of Redmond comes the confirmation that the introduction of the first Kinect on the market is just the beginning of a comprehensive strategy that will involve also markets directly related to video games. Just think of the TV, for which Microsoft would be thinking about various partnerships  aimed at the creation of real Kinect TV, perhaps to throw the challenge to Apple and Google in the birth of television in the future.

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