Microsoft is Preparing Two Versions of the New Game Console

Microsoft is Preparing Two Versions of the New Game ConsoleMicrosoft is preparing two versions of the new game console. A major European retailer outlined plans for Microsoft to release a new version of the popular consoles  Xbox 720 .

On insider information, the next gene

ration Xbox will be presented in two versions. The first version will have a very advanced technical features and be designed for “hardcore” gamersThe second will be truncated variant of the first, its purpose – the mass market.

Recall that the current generation – Xbox 360 – also has several configuration options, but in the case of the Xbox 720 differences between the versions will be much more significant.

Sources say that the “advanced” version will be a real substitute an older Xbox 360, offering gamers a built-in hard drive, optical drive, more powerful graphics chip and backward compatibility with old games for 360.

All this, of course, will affect the final cost of the console  it will be much more expensive “budget” version of the Xbox 720.Presentation of the new consoles are expected next summer.


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