Microsoft Decide to Make Cheap Computers for Students

Microsoft Decide to Make Cheap Computers for StudentsMicrosoft Corp plans to begin production of cheap computers, which is designed for students and families with low incomes. According to the company, cheap computers should be considered worth $ 250. Ruformator As reported, the

production cost PC will begin in 2012. These specifications are not reported, but we know that computers will be equipped with a complete software package – including MS Office, some applications for access to digital literature, as well as educational software – and inexpensive contract for Internet access.

Microsoft is a participant of the “Connect to Compete”, under which companies provide users with reduced-price or free versions of their products. Among other things, the program includes a selection of cheap Internet access for low-budget family at a price of $ 9.95 per month. In July 2010 it was reported that India has developed the cheapest laptopSpecialists of the Institute of Technology in Madras and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore created a device whose price does not exceed $ 35. The developers claim that their laptop is not inferior to the characteristics of more expensive models.


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