Into-Now App for iPad by Yahoo:Watch TV With a New Social Experience

IntoNow App for iPad by Yahoo-Watch TV With a New Social ExperienceYahoo desires to revolutionize the approach you watch TV and raises IntoNow, the app that enhances the tv expertise, offered on the iPad.

Yahoo  has officially introduced a succession of recent measures to create your expertise on smart phones plus Tablet even higher, additional customized. Among the numerous ought to have note is that the app for iPad Into-Now , that uses Facebook hook up with produce a social expertise during a tv.

“Imagine this: press the inexperienced button whereas you are watching TV and therefore the statistics of that soccer game, the tweets of the actors in that individual movie or news concerning any content you’re staring at are shown in real time (App) : Yahoo describes well the provide on the page to download the software on the App Store. Into-Now is so able to perceive the content you’re watching tv and using that data to point out a series of additional content on the screen of the tablet: it’s one in every of the foremost innovative of the last days of Yahoo and, as such, indicates a willingness on the the corporate wished to create a modification within their scenario of crisis and revive even the promise created in the past, when he said he wished to become “the initial digital media company” within the world.

Yahoo bought earlier this year IntoNow 2010 for an quantity not known, however ought to be around twenty to thirty million bucks. IntoNow conjointly has options to social networks and shows to your contacts what you are watching on TV at that individual time . a kind of Foursquare media, except that not like different applications where a user performs a “check in” consistent with the place where one finds, this app simply hit the button to allow them to hear what the iPad you’re watching. it’s the tracking of audio technology designed into the software that created the product enticing to the time of acquisition of Yahoo.

The ‘ iPad is a perfect companion for those watching TV and films and, recently, there are few polls that have actually expressed a preference for users to use the pill created in Cupertino in these moments. That is why your IntoNow iPad will have an enormous potential. Yahoo intends to take advantage of.

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