Kinect Will be Built on Sony TV?

Kinect could become something much larger than the “Project Natal” that years ago, Microsoft unveiled to the public. If the idea was to start using the device as a new way to play, in fact, now Kinect could take a greater role in entertainment undressing on the role of home and hardware solution instead of becoming something more ambitious and pervasive.

Kinect Will be Built on Sony TV

According to some sources, in fact, Microsoft would be ready to sign a partnership with Sony (former producer of the rival PlayStation console) to bring Kinect on TV .What is today the game’s most innovative in the industry, in short, could become an integrated solution with which Sony would be to embellish their next-generation TV. In doing so Microsoft would be able to get new revenues without having to produce additional units, but Sony simply leaving the burden of integration.

The purpose of this partnership is to offer TV with Kinect the ability to host an Xbox or a Windows device 8 in the awareness of the fact that the Kinect sensors are already available. Not only that it would be automatically provided with the TV camera to interact with any applications loaded. The latter might return to a faculty additional Microsoft: a smart-TV equipped with webcams can in fact easily become a means of access to Skype, facilitating their use in the living room for a multitude of utilities.

If the negotiations will fail, the next Sony TV could respond to commands given by the movement of the arms, or they may obey voice commands , or make it possible to play without the need for Kinect on the table. The integration could in fact open a multitude of opportunities for Microsoft, embellishing substantially the Sony TV (with a big differentiation from rival production, like what has been experienced by the group with Google TV) and giving users more TV intelligently interact with.

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