4 Best Dressed Couples of the World

4-dressed power couple of the world 5“Behind successful man is always a great woman“, the truth seemed always the case. So we saw so many famous men, rich and powerful in the world in the fields of culture, politics, economics often have an enviable homes and wives are always public , the press hailed, admired.

The ancients did not have the answer: “rich for you, to the wife as” that! Therefore understand that rule, wise wife of the man power to keep innovation beautiful image in the hearts of fans and military virtues of his village.

Any man who does not want to achieve “beautiful wife, the wise”. So the construction of appropriate style to always beautiful, radiant, each occurrence is sometimes “trump card” that your wife is often used to “spell” and “pretty face” their husbands. Not only that, they also knew how to blend fashion sense, aesthetic harmony with Germany military lang in each event will be shining.

 President Obama and his wife4-dressed power couple of the world

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama has been voted by Forbes magazine as the “perfect couple” in the world. Not only has the power, status, they also tastes admirable fashion.

Angelina JolieBrad Pitt4-dressed power couple of the world

This is sometimes given a “magnet” to attract box office and the media. Although there are no plans to marry but couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are passionate hand in hand during the past 7 years. Go next to the woman wearing the most beautiful and charming second planet, “said the actor” Brad Pitt is trying to find the most suitable fashion sense to the same shine with beauty.

The couple Beyonce Knowles4-dressed power couple of the world

Besides viecnam in hand 29 Grammys, Beyonce Knowles and her husband are the best-dressed couple second music industry (the founder of Roc Nation, Jay-Z group).

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady4-dressed power couple of the world

American football star – Tom Brady and “billionaire supermodel” Gisele Bundchen always have a harmonious blend of fashion to the enviable level each time they appear.


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