Brad Pitt Told, Why he Loves to Die?

Brad Pitt Told, Why he Loves to Die? Brad Pitt over the years, it seems, only gets better – like a good wine. He recently gave a short interview Wmagazine, but at the same time appeared in special projects “Best acting job.”

The actor said that he was once told he could not act and now   one of his passionate point is “the ability to die” on the screen.Brad Pitt told,

I’m very well catch a bullet. True, my parents like to watch movies prefer not to. But to die on the screen – it’s not scary.Besides, I’m not superstitious. Simply put a check and realize that it’s possible to play a different, better.And do it when it comes to “die” in the next picture. 

The first role, in which Pitt auditioned his role in “Accused” with Jodie Foster. He said,

Having the script, I was ecstatic. After listening, I called to find out about the results.  ‘Well, as I told you?  At the other end hung up in the deafening silence of the infinite three seconds. And then a polite voice said softly: “Tell me, what did you think when some of the lessons of acting? It’s one of my passionate points. The film, which gave me the most impressive – it’s” Life as a House. ” But I have to revise it  for the sake of purity of the experiment. Brad Pitt Told, Why he Loves to Die?


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