Be Aware from “Brightly Painted Women”

Brightly painted womenBritish experts have concluded that women with a lot of cosmetics are considered more beautiful and intelligent, but they do not produce trust. Who participated in the experiment, the men offered to take a quick look at the pictures and appreciate them imprinted on women: no makeup, with a little makeup, and “Brightly Painted Women”Evaluate the beauties they had in terms of attractiveness, intelligence and confidence that they cause. It was found that study participants were unanimous in their opinion that the more makeup, the higher the score on all counts.

When men were asked to look more closely at photos, the results changed. For example, women with a lot of makeup still earned the highest scores in beauty and intellect, but lost in the level of confidence

We also know that women who do not use makeup, as a rule, reject their femininity or want to feel on a par with men. Minimal makeup gives women who do not like to stand out. But the copious makeup, in some cases suggests that the soul of a woman is very bad. Emphasis on the lips and make sense talkative person, and painted bright eyes give thoughtful and intelligent women.

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