Obama Will Not Allow Their Daughters to Register with Facebook

Social network Facebook with nearly one billion users, does not include page of daughters of U.S. president Barack Obama . The “strict father” did not allow them to start their own profiles on social networks.

Obama Shops At Kramerbooks

Policy of the husband in this regard is fully shared by the first lady – Michelle Obama (Michelle Obama). She believes that her daughters still too early to use social services FacebookRecall that the couple’s eldest daughter, Malia Obama (Malia Obama) was 13 years old and the youngest Sasha (Sasha Obama) is 10 years. Meanwhile, Malia and Sasha while and do not wish to register either on Facebook, or on other similar projects. The eldest daughter in a conversation with my father said he did not understand why you need to write online about their affairs, hobbies, upload personal photos and stuff.

I think Malia change his opinion on the matter within a few years- said the word the eldest daughter of Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama does not deny that in the future, perhaps she and her husband will remove the ban on the use of social networksThe First Lady said that the prohibition itself is more concerned not with age girls, and the presence of their family in the White House, although in this case, age is also very important. It should be noted that, according to the rules of network Facebook, it can register only people who have attained the age of 13. Therefore, if Malia still able to create your page in the Internet project, a 10-year-old Sasha this possibility so far lacks formal.

However, generally the minimum age to register at Facebook are constantly violated – Experts estimate that in the social network is registered, at least 7.5 million people who have not yet turned 13 years old. Moreover, all perfectly legal – many children are allowed to pre-register from their parents, who subsequently notify employees about Facebook. This is just one of many ways to register on the network.

Guide Facebook, knowing all that, officially announced that registration for the draft very young children – this is a serious problem that requires at least a serious decision. However, as the saying goes, things are out there.


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