The Girl Had Predicted Her Own Death at Facebook, Was Shot Dead

Earlier this week, 12-year-old Rami Grimmer posted in her profile on Facebook sort of prediction of its own destruction. After a while it really has been shot.

The Girl Had Predicted Her Own Death at Facebook Was Shot Dead

This terrible thing happened in Texas, USA. Rami makeup artist shot her own mother, Rachel Grimmer, and then committed suicide. Total shots were three – one destined brother Rami, Timothy Grimmer. Note Rami Grimmer, called “I can die today” (May die 2today) has become a harbinger of trouble. The police have officially confirmed that the shot was fatal to Rami, and she died. Her brother Timothy is still in critical condition, doctors are fighting for his life. In the case of a positive outcome of the events 10-year-old boy some time to hold in the hospital for recovery, and then will be given to the care of relatives.

Family, which grew Timothy and Rami, can hardly be called successful. Everything that happened – The result of a protest Rachel Grimmer their mother’s refusal to receive food stamps. Timothy’s grandmother and Rami Mary Lee Sheperd said that Rachel was her adopted daughter, and before she had some mental problems. Grimmer’s family moved to Texas from Ohio, but they had nowhere to live, so that the matter could not be resolved because of lack of money. They had to live, where necessary, including in a tent on the beach, and children were forced to beg for alms in the form of money or food. Service was interested in protecting children’s rights this family, and even visited her mother with two children, but found no signs of abuse.

For the first time Rachel Grimmer asked for meal vouchers in July this year. However, Texas officials on behalf of representatives of social services and the Health Department denied her on the grounds that the information about her and her family were too many gaps. In other words, Rachel Grimmer not provided all necessary information about themselves, which was refused. In other words, her family has not been absolutely no help from the state.


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