Facebook Launches Translation Feature

 After much speculation the last few days, Facebook has officially launched the translation is based on a cooperation agreement with Microsoft.

Under the agreement, the search engine will provide Microsoft’s Bing automatic level translation for the public page (public page). Thanks to this tool, now the Face booker can comfortably “surf” the pages of community groups, famous people in a foreign language ….

According to descriptions of the Facebook spokesman, beneath each comment line will have the “translate” lead to the original language version of the user. You can easily review the contents of the original by clicking on the “original”.

 Facebook Launches Translation Feature

Social networks also offer opening offers. When users see automatic translations of Bing is not reasonable, they can be changed by translation through a window off. If there is an extensive user agrees with this translation, the translation of Bing will be replaced completely.

After trying on several community sites, can be seen that the translation in Italian, Spanish, and French is fairly standard. However, when trying to Vietnamese translation feature is not really wrong because Bing is a tool for automatic translation, the translation provides only word – by-word, which means translated word by word. Maybe Facebook should continue to improve this feature for Facebook is really close to the user.

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