An Exclusive and Very Intresting Interview With Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt an Exclusive Interview

There is we have An Exclusive and Very Intresting Interview With Brad Pitt about his Kids, Angelina Jolie and movies.

How would you define Moneyball ?
I’m not sure … I have seen only 14 times! It’s exciting, brilliant. It is true that work in it, but it’s good.

What about your character?
Very authentic. He is a retired player whose dream was broken and now works as general manager of a team. He is desperate, but after meeting a young scout, is reborn. They think they can change everything, reinvent baseball, and do so. And another thing: the film also speaks of the hidden virtues of many people and you need to know to find them.

The book and the script were good but, above all, I convinced the director (Bennett Miller). I wanted a semi-documentary, something very real, with real players and scouts. It gave him an appealing: having to react to their jargon and their feelings.

Moneyball argues that the stars are not essential, what if they find out in Hollywood?
The bill passed through the hands of several bosses of the studios and liked but in the end, he hired me … So what works in baseball does not work in the movies! (Laughs). Seriously, it was difficult to finance a project, and I needed to sell it.

Are you interested in baseball?
Not much. But I became obsessed with the book. Grabs you, and the film conveys the writing.

In Spain prefer football.
I also like it, and I love that it is increasingly popular in the U.S., because it’s fun. Sometimes I see games, but I’m not an expert.My favorite team? The Liverpool!

Being nominated for an Oscar is very good, but not the goal of my career His character in Moneyball is in something of a loser. Do not interpret it cost?
will tell you a story: do not know why, but I remember watching the Olympics at home nineties. Appeared a Russian girl, the favorite, and fell ten seconds, it was a disaster, but she got up on the spot and went on as if nothing had happened. At the end, commentators spoke only of his error, humiliation, that would not win the gold, but I felt witnessing a real triumph. I’m interested in that kind of victories over the big trophies.

Have you lived a failure?
Fortunately, not many large earthquakes nor emotional … For example, The Assassination of Jesse James is one of the best films I’ve done, but it was very bad. I do not care: it is good, I’m proud. I care about the quality, originality or longevity awards.

Is that why he has worked with directors like Fincher or Malick?
Yes, and they were smart decisions. My intelligence is only in this: namely surround myself with people more talented than me. They are people like that make me get to me well … To me what I like to try, move on. As a youth I practiced many sports: football, tennis, basketball, swimming, wrestling … but neither was very good and had no patience. So am I can not stop. If I forget your driving license at home travel without it. I am unable to stop and return. So I am.

He The Tree of Life , for me, master, but many consider it unbearable.
‘s not a film for everyone. We can not speak of it in conventional terms, it does not even have a clear argument: it is an experience, a walking tour memories, life. It is a film that might respond to the questions most intimate of many people, it’s worth. But it is true that does not work for everyone.

In one scene of Moneyball , his character tells his daughter not to get on the internet or read newspapers. Do you and your wife tell yours the same?
Here’s a secret: our children can not search Google no mom and dad. Is locked. Seriously, can look anything but that. We believe that it would be difficult to read everything published about us.We do not like, and may even be dangerous.

I’ve always wanted to do different things, unconventional moviesWhat does in his spare time?
Above all, be with my children. And it spreads: all the time I spend with them I’m learning. I’m not one of those parents who are 45 minutes a day with their children, scold them and must make clear who is boss. I feel that it is they who are teaching me to me. Sometimes we play baseball, football … And we see a lot of sports on television, especially motor racing and football.

Did you imagine a few years ago, who would ask for his experience as a parent?
never would have imagined, but I feel so rich for having these guys as children. They are great fun … It’s very exciting and intense. Like being in a boxing ring: a constant fight, where you can not lower our guard but do not stop to enjoy.

Do you see yourself directing films?
No, I do not aspire to lead. I think I’d go crazy … And I have children who are growing. If you feel that way some time with them, would be even worse if you also directed.

It might have been content to be a heartthrob, but Twelve Monkeys , Kalifornia and The Fight Club showed he could do other things. When did you decide to change the course of his career and participate in major acting challenges?
In fact, I always wanted to do something different, unconventional films. I grew up watching the films of the seventies: at that time not all movies have a happy ending, nor the characters ever learn the lesson. And that kind of characters are what I always wanted to play.

Do you think will win the Oscar for Moneyball ?
Being nominated for an Oscar is very good, but not the goal of my career. The films that marked me are those that have stood the test of time: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest , Hotline: Dr. Strangelove? , Apocalypse Now … I do not know whether they won many awards, but I love them.

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