The Woman Behind the Famous Billionaire on the Planet

Besides the success of the famous names is always a help and sacrifice silently from the “rear” of them.

The woman behind Steve Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs, 47, wife of the legendary Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, not the public.Introverted than her husband and rarely answer the interview.┬áSometimes the media can see her appear in public places next to her husband – Steve Jobs.

The woman behind Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and his wife holding hands in admiration of the fans at the Apple Store after the iPhone first launched in 2007.

Steve Jobs met Laurene in 1990 after a lecture in class masters MBA in economics from Stanford University. Their love story is like a romantic movie.

“I stood in the parking lot, along with a key, and thought to myself, if this is his last night alive on this earth, then I will spend it to meet dating partners or woman This?┬áI ran through the parking lot and asked her to dinner with me.┬áShe answered “yes”, we go for a walk in town and become each other since then, “said Steve Jobs about his youth on Gizmodo.

Laurene took care of Steve Jobs from the most glorious time until his death.┬áShe has published about Jobs’ health even as he struggled with cancer over 7 years.

Melinda Gates – wife simplicity of the world’s richest billionaires

Melinda French was born in 1964 in Dallas, Texas. Her to work at Microsoft since 1987 and is credited in charge of Sales.

Melinda Gates - wife simplicity of the world's richest billionaires

The first time she met Bill Gates in 1987, in Microsoft’s press conference in New York.

As wife of the second richest man, but Melinda planet not very interested in the luxury fashion stores, the expensive cosmetics or other prestigious works of art. Instead, she read his heart with her husband doing charity work.

Melinda gave birth to billionaire Bill Gates 3 children, Jennifer Katharine Gates eldest daughter (15 years), 2nd son Rory John Gates (12) and Phoebe Adelle Gates youngest daughter (age 9).

Melania Trump, Donald Trump and wife

Melania Knauss was born in 1974 in the Republic of Slovenia. She once was a famous model in America. In the late 1990s, his career reached a peak Melania and most of the U.S. arm of the fashion magazines and are attracted by Melania. She is not only beautiful but also is considered intelligent and fairly broad knowledge of politics, world economy, she can speak four foreign languages ??fluently.

Melania Trump, Donald Trump and wife

On 3/20/2006, Donald Trump Melania gave birth to a beautiful boy named Barron William Trump.

In 1999, she met Donald Trump. At that time, between two people is the great distances for age (less Melania Trump billionaire to 24 years), in addition to pooh-pooh the public opinion. But their relationship remains strong and they have led to marriage. 3 She is the wife of billionaire Donald Trump.

Fiance youngest billionaire on the planet

Looking back at the history of the famous American billionaire Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs showed that their wife does not belongs to the “beautiful” that would normally like everyone else.┬áRemember when Bill Gates married, the press also takes no less ink than the engagement ring he presented was only a girl apparently “dry” for computer science education, with no appearance excellent.

Now turn to Mark Zuckerberg, whom he selected as a partner also makes the online community “tended to get jealous” when ostensibly short, fat, crude, bad.

The Woman Behind the Famous Billionaire on the Planet 1

Those who know about love Mark Zuckerberg are not surprising when Mark selected Priscilla Chan to your prospective mate. Priscilla Chan medical education at Stanford University. The couple met at Harvard in 2004, also at the idea of Facebook appear in Mark.Priscilla is a very independent girl and Chinese ancestry, born and raised in America.

Priscilla is not only girls but also the people who played an important role in the business of Facebook. She was next to Mark during the difficult journey of Facebook, lawsuits and trying to avoid scrutiny by the press about the love story of two people.


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