“IPhone 6” Appears With the Apple Logo Intact

 IPhone 6 appears with the apple logo intact

China is proving that he is a national leader in all areas, even the “lead customers”, the most recent continuous forging of the legendary Apple iPhone.

While the world languished the launch of the iPhone 5, information on the “iPhone 6” is known for the official name “iPnoho 6” which appeared in China’s best technology shock .But right from the name “iPnoho”, was able to know this is not the official Apple product.

n fact, “iPnoho 6″ is the latest smartphone product shanzhai, an equally well-known companies in the world of Apple technology, but on a completely different field, making counterfeit goods sector, also known as ” cloning technology. “

Emerged as alcohol late last year when rumors of this company has “developed” super-successful “iPhone 5” while Apple just released iPhone prepare 4S. Type in consumer tastes like branded goods but do not allow money, shanzhai has launched “HiPhone 5” is designed to show the correct “cloning technology” that companies use. With delicate curves, surface polished, pretty cool, white color contrasts – black Apple bold nature, and the only difference with the “standard of” a defect shaped logo “apple can do”, if not a connoisseur it is difficult to distinguish the real thing – fake.

The image on the technology page shows the MIC Gadget “iPnoho 6” of shanzhai is designed with a plastic outer shell, painted white, with prominent brands IPDA right in front of the machine and two speakers located on the body scale back of the device. Unlike the “HiPhone 5”, was released earlier, shanzhai not forget to add logo “apple” for its smartphone, but to avoid “contact surface” with Apple, “iPnoho 6” to carry on his first “raw apple integrity “rather than a” bad apple bite. “

Although the detailed technical information as well as the selling price has not been disclosed, but the recent pictures of the “iPnoho 6” is enough to make this world technology from the curious.

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