Computer in Only 25 Dollar ,Soon !

In the county of Cambridgeshire in the UK is currently developing a super cheap computer Raspberry Pi. Based on the chip Arm, it would cost only $ 25. It is planned that its mass production to begin in January next year.

Computer in Only 25 Dollar ,Soon !

25 dollar computer is created in the hope that it will inspire a new generation of gifted children with a penchant for engineering sciences. This cheap computer, Raspberry Pi uses Arm chip similar to those used in mobile phones and is designed to run on Linux.

Test versions of the finished devices are checked, and if all is well, mass production will begin in January.

The idea of creating Raspberry Pi came from video games. Veteran David Brabo, who was looking for a way to inspire young people to pursue a career in technology started with games thanks to BBC Micro, where he and his school friend Ian Bell created an innovative computer game Elite. Raspberry Pi is currently being developed in Cambridgeshire, and for each update closely watched by those who seek to get  a cheap computer.

Now The Hardware and software are tested to make sure that all is well in the manufacturing process. As soon as the tests show that it works properly, will begin full production on more than one plant.

The complete unit will be sold in two configurations. Model A, for $ 25, which will not be able to connect to the network, and model B,for $ 35 with an Ethernet connector. It is reported that the first batch of 10 boards will be auctioned off to those who offer the highest price. 


Originally planned to finish the computer to the end of 2011. But now the team to three weeks behind schedule.Despite this, the developers are hoping that anyone can place orders for gadgets at the beginning of January.Pre-orders are not provided because the organization said he did not want anybody to take money by not having the finished product.


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