Software Calculates Age With the Help of Pictures

Software Calculates  Age With the Help of  picturesBad news for those people who, hide their age. An application designed by researchers at the Advanced Digital Sciences Center of Sigkampouris can and calculate the age of some of the photosFor the design of the application, using the vast pool of photos from different site on the Internet, like Google Images and Flickr, which indicated the age of the sitter. The gap in the existing program reaches five years, but in future researchers consider the margin of error will be reduced greatly.

 The researcher Bingbing Ni said that his research could have many uses .“For example, deployed digital signage could be installed at various shopping malls, so vending machines to offer age-appropriate advertisements to consumers,” he said. Other uses may include prohibiting minors to buy alcohol and cigarettes and ban access to websites with inappropriate content.The database from which is fed into the software Ni, consists of a total collection of 77,000 images and 219,000 persons. The result of the study, which involved and Zheng Song and Shuicheng Yan from the National University of Singapore, published in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. 


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