LG THINQ Technology – Now “Smart” Appliances Begin to Think

HI, Revo- Seekers ! Hello, friends! We have today discuss the advertising trends of 2011.

Linking with above, now the topic of our post will be home appliances that are not simple, but that are “smart” because these appliances by LG have capability to Think. We’ll show you what can make our new refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens. Wi-Fi and Twitter – it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

LG THINQ Technology - Now Smart Appliances Begins to Think

A fun, unusual, innovative? Yes!Useful, functional? Not the fact we have decided to fix it and add a maximum of useful functions in one way or another connected to the Internet.

LG Electronics presented their vision for the development of household appliances – LG THINQ Appliances. Already in 2012 the majority of the flagship models will be equipped with “stuffing” THINQ (and some products work with it now). So what can make line of home appliances LG THINQ (look for stickers on the packaging)? It can:

 • Save money, energy and water; 

• Adapt your rhythm of life;

 • Keep the house clean without your intervention; 

• Monitor shelf life and availability of products in your refrigerator; 

• Cook at a distance and just when you need it; 

• Be always in touch and keep everything is always under control through your smartphone / tablet; 

• Carry out self-diagnosis, self-cleaning and self-call repairmen; 

• To be beautiful; 

• Be effective. 


• Alert you that a product is over (which product will track the refrigerator – you decide);

 • Will bring to the screen of your smartphone or tablet information that you now have in the fridge and in what quantities; 

• Show the exact date when you put a product in the refrigerator; 

• Remember a time in which you they do not bother or disturb the minimum (night or day – for someone like) and will work with maximum energy efficiency in the period when the external heat loss is minimal;

 • If necessary prodiagnostiruyut themselves (if there is a problem) and will report to the service center the exact code problems if the problem is minor (for example blocking supply of ice due to the fact that the dispenser is clogged), then tell you how to fix it yourself;

 • Will be completely under your control remotely on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. 

Washing machines: 

• Erase things if you convenient, at any point you can run the washing of any programs that you need two “Tap” through the application on your smartphone / tablet; 

• Self-diagnose themselves, self-cleaning as needed; 

• Saves water thanks to the analysis of weight and volume load and the selected program; 

• Report defects in the service center and provide recommendations on how to fix this problem yourself; 

• Very efficient, quiet in operation, reliable (we give 10 years guarantee), no wonder we, world leaders in the grocery segment has for 4 years. 

Microwave ovens, ovens and bread machine: 

• Preparing meals when it is convenient, including in the two “Tap”

All you need to do – it’s “load” products in advance and give a “nod” at any time convenient to you;

 • Warn you of the availability of food as a reminder to the smartphone;

 •Pick up on the internet best program for the dish you want to cook. Search by name cuisine in the database, if there is no food, you can program the machines themselves, it will remember the settings and synchronize them with the database, which thus will be updated constantly; 

• A self-diagnosed and self-cleaning as needed; 

• Cook gently, retaining most useful properties of the product.

Cleaners (talking about vacuum cleaners, robots, in particular, the model of Hom Bot): 

• Clean the apartment while you’re at work or on vacation, on and off independently. In the vacuum cleaner has a built-in microphone and in the absence of noise, he decides that he is in a house and start cleaning (except for a night, in which vacuum cleaner will not work if you have not programmed it in reverse);

 • Yourself back to the starting place for recharging the battery; 

• Controlled screen smartphone, complete control, including the movement of the apartment;

 • Broadcast image with a special camera on the smartphone screen / tablet. Want to know what’s going on in the apartment while you’re at the office? It is easy! 

• Accurate, efficient and very quiet in operation. Here’s how it works:


All these fishery will be available in many flagship in 2012, some things are right now (diagnostics, monitoring information about the products in the refrigerator and self-programming). Updates for “driver” will be regular, and she will grow wiser appliances from year to year. Some I argue that the “smart home” have been around for years, but we want to note that in contrast to the complex and expensive systems that were before this.

All equipment will be available LG THINQ average user, go to the masses and, as we hope will completely change your perception about life. What would you like to see the latest consumer electronics? What functions you want? Thoughts, comments, and as always welcome. Thank you. Team LG.



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