Most Popular Advertising Trends of the Year – Video

Website has conducted research on global trends including advertising. trendhunter published 20 of the most popular trends of the year.

Most Innovative Advertising Trends in 2011

20th place

Interactive outdoor advertisingAll sorts of interactive billboards, simple games, which are projected on buildings and other outdoor media.

19th place

Interactive tradeInteractive shopping bags, shopping applications for smartphones, advertising spots in retail outlets that promoted social media.

18th place

Sponsored flashmob who demonstrate antisocial behavior. Tattoos and body painting shocking appearance in public in their underwear, and other deviant acts.

17th place

Gadgets for personal useInteractive T-shirts and sweaters with built-in phones and music players. Interactive bracelets, sunglasses, clip, in general, anything that can be put on.

16th place

Return to the brand of retro theme, the “icons” of the 20th century, Mickey Mouse, Dark Vader and others.

15th place

Return to street style and grunge, hippies and more …

14th place

Trend, which may be called the “here and now.” Immediate payment for services without leaving the hotel, a publication on the Internet what is happening in retail outlets here and now, at this time.

13th place

The trend in modern cubic designCubism in architecture, interior design, household items and technologies.

12th Place

The trend of improving the existing products, all kinds of upgrades and additions. Goods purchased in the past year, could be improved with the new spec. the proposal.

11th place

Printing 3D-objects” created in the program 3D-real-time simulation.

10th place

Trend super-realismTechnology photo editing and video closer to super-realism that has become a new trend.

9th Place

Touch-screen panel with realistically moving objectsInteractive applications, games, books, and more for the Apple platform touchscreen and Android.

8th place

Trend “loyal prices to last year’s goods.” Create all kinds of second-hand, which last year bought a product customers can put it on sale, while others buy it at a lower price. This is an interesting method of increasing brand loyalty.

7th place

Trend called “feel like a rock star.” Interior design, prints on t-shirts, packaging design in the style of rock-n-roll.

6th place

Huge profits kidvertisingThe children dressed like adults, adults behaving like children, contemporary interiors for the very young, denim diapers and other amenities for parents who are willing to pay for it.

5th place

Business-class ultra-comfort. Here is everything that you can only think during his visit, meetings and negotiations.

4th place

Geriatric Couture: what used to be able to wear just freaks now become a popular trend.

3rd place

Redesign of the various religious objects, as well as reconstruction of the idols of the 20th century in the style of the brand.

2nd place

Tvitonomika – attempts to brands such as “sit down next” to such large-scale phenomena like twitter.

1st place -The King

The main trend this year was to reduce the presence of identity in all promotional materials, logos, simplifying, easing the requirements for corporate identity.



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