Apple and Google are Working on Wearable Computers

Apple and Google are working on devices of the wearable computer class, so that user can put on himself and wear all the time, told the newspaper website The New York Times .Apple and Google are Working on Wearable Computers

Although formally the many electronic devices by Apple such as players, can be attributed to a portable computer, usually is referred to this class of gadgets that are attached directly to the human body and have developed communication capabilities.

According to the NYT, one of the prototypes of Apple is a device like an iPod with a curved screen, which is attached to the arm, repeating bending the wrist. The user can operate the device with voice commands, just as the team pronounces for iPhone 4S with the function of Siri.

Apple and Google are Working on Wearable Computers

Another idea of Apple under development – a small portable device assistant that binds to amore powerful gadget (smartphone or tablet, located in a pocket or bag) and sends it to user input, displaying the information on your own screen. Similar devices for smartphones, especially on a platform of Android, already exist, but their functionality can be greatly expanded.

Google is also interested in developing the concept of wearable computers, but chose a different path – a computer built into the glasses, which display information on clear screens are used instead of glass, says 9to5Google . The site notes that this device will be able to go online on their own, without the use of smartphones and data processing is likely to occur in the “cloud.”

Apple and Google are Working on Wearable Computers

One application of these points  augmented reality systems: on the display may display information with reference to the actual location of the user.

According to the NYT, the Internet giant has hired staff who specialize in wearable computers, in the past working with Nokia and Apple, as well as graduates of specialized technological universities.

NYT journalists and 9to5Google not have information about when they can receive commercial samples of experimental wearable computers developed by Apple and Google.

Special accessories manufactured by third parties, allow the player now turn iPod nano into the latest generation of watches. However, this bunch is hardly a full-fledged handheld computer as iPod nano is not equipped with wireless modules, marks the site AppleInsider.


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