Steve Wozniak Has Declared Android as “A Failure” like Apple III ,Lisa and Macintosh

Steve Wozniak: The Other smartphones is a failure, as was the Macintosh!The co-founder of Apple , Steve Wozniak, was in India to talk to young entrepreneurs on the path and technology in general, but more feeling caused by statements in the Indian television channel.

Without much friction, the Wozniak called smartphones that the failed attempt to compete with the iPhone (see Android , Windows Phone , etc.), such failures as were the Apple III, Lisa and Macintosh’s Apple!

 The Apple III was a failure, the Lisa was a failure, and the Macintosh was a failure. Only after continuous substantial changes over the years, we managed to turn it into a good computer

Then attributed this failure to the heads of these marketing project, seizing the opportunity to bring forth the current competing smartphones, saying:

If Apple had craftsmen make the machine they wanted, they would certainly be successful. However, the final product came from the heads of Apple, who took a very bad decisions in my opinion, particularly on the hardware. Print directly a product that has problems from the outset, and even if the repairs a year later, this still does not sell. It is exactly the same situation with the current smartphonesMove and there is always something really wrong with them. You can repair it, but still won’t sell ,It has losed its chance of success 

Rather than comment, we will let you think Wozniak’s statements and decide if you actually have failed Android or Windows Phone smartphones, at least until now, and we will be glad if you decide to share your opinion with us and other readers!

[Source MacWorld ]

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